Big wins for Lex, Spraggy and Igor (but in what order?)

February 04, 2019inNews

The big scores keep on coming for PokerStars Ambassadors, with Lex Veldhuis, Ben Spragg and Igor Kurganov all taking down events over the past few days.

We’ll start with Lex Veldhuis, who won another major in back-to-back Sundays.

Kicking off his grind with the $109 Sunday Starter, Lex would end up outlasting the 301-player field to take it down for $5,722 just seven days after winning the Sunday Warm-Up for $34K.

With 13 players left he enjoyed some run-good to take the chip lead:


“Oh my goodness, that’s some run-good right there.”

And had his big hands hold up when it mattered most:


“What a sweat!”

Before finally closing it out versus his fellow countryman, DutchPolicy:


“Holy s**t, another W on a Sunday!”

Prior to that it was Ben Spragg’s turn to enter the winner’s circle in 2019. On Friday night he kicked off his weekend in style with a victory in the 326-player Big $109 for $6,123.


When he got heads-up against Matas “bebaimis777” Cimbolas, Spraggy made a great call to even out the stacks:

“What did I call? Jack-seven?”
From there he took a healthy lead and closed it out with the “magic hand”:


“This would be a good one to be all-in with!”

And finally there’s Igor Kurganov, who continues to put up big results in the High Roller Club.

Igor Kurganov

Back on Wednesday (30 January) Kurganov not only finished third in the $1,050 Wednesday High Roller for $15,509, but followed that up on the same night with a victory in the $1,050 Daily Warm-Up for $22,223.

What a boss.

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