Brighton rocked, Brad Pitt didn’t

July 19, 2011

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Luckily there’s more poker than you can shake a stick (of rock) at. Again the numbers for the main event on the PokerStars UKIPT tour were great with Brighton getting over 600 runners.

One of them was me, but this time I didn’t survive day 1. The first few levels involved my patented running into hands every time I make a move magic that has come to be the signature play of my recent tournaments. Maybe I should stop making moves?! Too easy; you’d think right!

I managed to go on a run after a while playing pretty decently then played a big pot where we got in about 120bbs on a K-Q-8 flop me holding K-Q and him A-K. So far so good, but it didn’t end well and I was Greensteined out of the tourney with an Ace on the river. It was really disappointing because getting a big stack in these tournaments is so much fun but the hand was pretty standard and I don’t think my villain did anything wrong.

An early exit meant I had some time to enjoy Brighton. Enjoyed it a bit too much Saturday night, and three too many post-dinner Amaretto’s saw me in a shouting match with four female friends, each of whom claimed they wouldn’t sleep with Brad Pitt if they were single and he knocked on their Brighton hotel room door. I mean shouting at them was not the answer but seriously….it’s Brad Pitt….they wouldn’t even have to talk to him or watch him mug his way through an acting part or anything.

The UKIPT tour goes on to Edinburgh next in just a few weeks and the TV cameras are returning. I can’t wait – not only because the event will be great but I’ll be coupling it with some post event comedy festival fun; hope you have the time to do likewise! I’ll miss playing the main event, though can’t wait for the next time I get to do it.

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Me not winning in Brighton


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