Bring me sunshine

February 09, 2006

The inevitable PokerStars corner – where a bunch of qualifiers or familiar faces wind up next to each other – has, sure enough, developed in Deauville. The contenders today are George White, originally from Dublin but now living in London, Adrian Creagh, from Bagshot, England, and James Paluszek, from the United States.

They’re joined today by a man we have come to see a lot of on the EPT – Luca Pagano, from Venice, Italy.

George White, left, and Luca Pagano: it’s sunny in here

In terms of sunglasses, Luca has some competition from White (see above), while the best card cover award belongs to the swag bag of Paluszek (see below). Creagh just tried to take on Pagano at poker, but had to lay down his busted flush draw in face of heavy betting from the Venetian.

The card-cover of James “scammer” Paluszek. There are about 5,900 chips down there

Things are bubbling up quite nicely.

Meanwhile, the featured table has been switched and there was no one surprised to learn it will now feature Isabelle Mercier and Anina Gundesen. It’s time for the ladies to slog it out in the spotlight.

Anina Gundesen and Isabelle Mercier continue their burgeoning friendship under studio lights

Click here for a full list of names and nationalities at the tournament.


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