Bubblin’ in Dublin

September 16, 2011


Okay I didn’t bubble at UKIPT Dublin but someone did and I figured the catchy headline would make that person feel better. UKIPT Dublin Season 2 is in the bag and with it the last regional stop on tour with the big London EPT finale to come in October.

For a long time Dublin Season 2 had a lot of déjà vu. Last year’s winner, and making a bid for nicest guy in poker Max Silver went super deep and looked like he would do the impossible and defend his title. Eventually he finished fourth but it was a great run and it was a fourth to deserving now two-time UKIPT champ Joeri Zandvliet at a stacked final table.

The event was sandwiched by a bunch of work connected to the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. I’m now in a secret undisclosed location (okay it’s Edinburgh) recording the Radio WCOOP shows, web shows and final table highlight shows. I’m also recording a WCOOP musical for the West End….okay that last one might not be true but it feels like it should be as that’s a ton of WCOOP media! The only downside of doing all the related work is I can’t play any of the events…every time I see a PLO event come up a little piece of me dies inside!

On top of all the poker work I’ve just started work on a new script for Comedy Central – that’ll take up a lot of my time in October/November and should be fun to write.

Not too much else to report…all work and no play makes jack a dull boy apparently …I’ll work on that one …watch this space.

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Me in Dublin


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