Can you lead PokerStars FC to glory (and a $15,000 first prize)?

November 09, 2020inPoker

Football fans around the PokerStars world can opt-in to a brand new promotion from today. A chance to build your soccer dream team and win prizes up to $15,000.

It’s called PokerStars FC and it’s up to you to lead the team to glory.

You can do that from today and you have until the ned of the month (29 Nov) to unlock your very own team of champions.

So that’s a team of 11 players made up of a goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 4 midfielders and 2 forwards.

(Yes, we play the classic 4-4-2 around here)

Collect all the players to complete your line up

Here’s how it works

To play PokerStars FC all you need to do is opt in via your Challenges Window.

Complete the progress bars to collect players and build your team.

Every time you complete a position (collecting 4 defenders for instance) you collect a chest and win an instant prize.

Collect all 11 players and you could win a prize worth up to $15,000.

The other thing to keep in mind is that each player will be assigned between 1 and 4 points.

These are the points used to determine the value of the prize you could win.

Put simply…

Bigger points = bigger prizes.

Get started today

Each position group will be collected in order. So you start by collecting the two forwards (the tall one good at header and the speedy little fella quick to second balls) earning a chest when you do so.

Then you collect the four midfielders, the four defenders, and finally your goalkeeper.

That means you’re never more than four progress bars away from winning a prize.

As always there are a few terms and conditions, which you can checkout on the PokerStars FC home page.

Otherwise kick off is as soon as you opt-in. You can do that by clicking here.

Good luck!




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