Carnage continues

February 11, 2006

Nine have fallen from the list in the previous post. They’re dropping quicker than I can type. The unlucky names are:

Julian Thew – Nottingham player tried to make queens beat aces. They didn’t.
Lex Veldhuis – qualifier’s big slick slipped into pocket kings
Jerome Douieb – overnight chip leader and PokerStars qualifier was last French player to be eliminated
Jerome Zerbib – penultimate Frenchman’s two pair was not big enough
Stuart Fox – Englishman cunningly slipped away
Jeff Sharpe – tried to batter Ram with ace-jack. Ram calls with flush draw and hits
Jason Veyrac – the French qualifier known as Tintin slipped away
Malcolm Gorse – pushed with king-queen, called by ace-king. Goodnight FPP qualifier No 1
Ken Johnson – moved in with pocket eights, called by queens. Goodnight FPP qualifier No 2

Those remaining are typically sitting behind more chips than it’s possible to lift, let alone count. Someone recently tried to count Vaswani’s and stopped at about 800,000 when they became dizzy. Mark Boudewijn has about 480,000. Theo Jorgensen is somewhere between the two.


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