Coming up sixes for Twitter Poker League

June 15, 2011


This Sunday saw Week 6 of this season’s Twitter Poker League take place, and 666 players took to the tables. A lucky number for some and an unlucky number for others, one of the top four finishers from last week returned to try his luck as a bounty player. After a 50:50 chop in the heads-up portion of the match “cross_she” was crowned the winner though only winning $0.01 more than this week’s runner up “SV GUSEV”.

“Zubroff” finished 4th last week and as a result he was given a 300FPP bounty on his head this week, anyone who managed to eliminate him would receive the frequent player points. FPPs can be used for almost anything, from satellites and tournaments to tee-shirts and cars! As he was the only one of the top four finishers from week 5 to return I decided to up the bounty to 500FPP. It wasn’t long before someone had the opportunity to claim the prize, when “Zubroff” shoved A♣6♣from the button for his last 11 big blinds and was called by Q♠J♠. You can see how the hand played out below, the flop brought no immediate threat to the bounty player. When “bus599” hit his straight on the turn, only a club would save him.

7 6 bounty.PNG

The club never did come on the river, and “Zubroff” was out in 298th place. “bus599” picked up the 500FPP prize but didn’t do much afterwards, busting in 227th place. The Twitter Poker League games are fast and action packed, everyone knows that but usually when we reach the second break we are often a few players away from the money bubble. This week however when the second break rolled around we were already in the money! 70mins after that and the final table was formed.

7 6 final table.PNG

“jancsi69” of Hungary lead the final table to begin with, followed closely by “mavi737” and the shortest stack was “—A1PS” with just T$40,000. As the shortest stack he pushed his last chips in with K♣8♠ from the button, only for the big blind to wake up with A♥K♥. After the board was dealt; J♠10♥8♦ 7♠ A♠ “—A1PS” finished in 9th place for $8.65. Collecting 11 leaderboard points this week for their ei8hth place finish was “valanad” of the Netherlands. After being crippled in an earlier hand he found himself facing a raise by “SV GUSEV” that would put him all in. He called all in for his remaining few chips and found that his Ace A♠5♣ was dominated by his opponent’s A♦9♦. The flop 4♦6♣5♦ gave him hope and the turn was a safe card J♣, however the river brought the 6♦ making “SV GUSEV” a flush and eliminating “valanad”.

Seventh place this week was awarded to “mavi737” when he made a short stacked push with 3♦3♥ only to be called and crushed by “cross_she” who held 6♥6♣. A six-handed orbits later and “pop billy” of Germany found himself in a flip with his J♦J♥ vs. the K♠Q♠ of “cross_she”. A queen on the flop 6♦7♠Q♦ had him drawing thin, with no jack on the turn 9♥ or river 9♦ he was out in 6th for $27.97.

“Ekksel” of Russia was next to go when caught out by a brutal river, he 3bet “cross_she”‘s open with Q♠Q♥. “cross_she” only held J♦8♥ but he called anyway, and flopped top pair J♣3♥6♦, they got all the money in and “Ekksel” was way ahead with his over-pair, the turn 4♣ changed nothing but the river was cold cruel 8♣. “Ekksel” finished in 5th place for $34.63. We were down to the final four players now, all of whom you should take note of their names – as each one of them will have a 300FPP bounty prize on their heads next week!

“cross_she” was the chip leader when four-handed play kicked off, “jancsi69” in second and the other two players about even in chips. “jancsi69” made light work of knocking “19luc68” out in 4th place when his A♣J♠ had the 9♣8♣ of “19luc68” drawing dead on the flop 3♠A♥A♠. Three handed play didn’t lasted a very long time, and “Jancsi69” fought hard before being eliminated in 3rd place this week. He shoved with Q♠J♥ over “cross_she” who limp from the small blind with K♠5♠. Despite his passivity preflop “cross_she” called; the flop 6♥2♥5♥ brought a lot of outs for the shorter of the two, but the turn 4♠ and river 6♣ never completed the flush.

Heads-up play was now starting, and then a peculiar thing happened – the players decided to chop. Now you may have seen people chop up the later stages of a tournament in big games like the Sunday Million or the recent SCOOP events, but this is certainly the first time a chop has ever happened in the Twitter Poker League! The players were near enough dead even in chips when heads up play was due to start, and the split was agreed at 50:50. With $209.79 left in the prizepool at that stage it wouldn’t divide evenly between two players so the eventual winner “cross_she” took the extra $0.01. So while “SV GUSEV” did finish in second place he got $104.89 where he should have received $87.24 so a good deal on his part.

Come join us for next week’s Twitter Poker League game, same place (PokerStars) same time (20:00CET) and same buy-in of just $1.10. You can find all the information and more HERE.


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