Last month we launched a new global ad campaign which we believe captures the emotional essence of why poker has become such a global phenomenon. You can view the first ads from the campaign on our We Are Poker channel.

Written by our in-house creative team, the ads introduce the phrase ‘We are Poker,’ which serves as an anthem for the millions of people around the world who enjoy poker in its many incarnations. It celebrates the heroes of the game – from the established Pros featured in the ads to the millions of others around the world who are still seeking their place at the final table. Eight new TV ads touch upon the core emotions of poker and portray the qualities of success that mark the best players in the world, many of whom are featured in the ads such as ‘Nacho’ Barbero, Liv Boeree, ‘ElkY’, Daniel Negreanu and Ivan Demidov.


Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov in one of the We Are Poker ads

‘We Are Poker’ encapsulates the PokerStars company philosophy to provide the best platform on which to compete at every level of the game, whether just for the fun of it, or for the glory of beating the biggest tables and tournaments in online poker. Because, while there’s no such thing today as a typical poker player, there is one core trait that they all share: the desire to compete, to challenge themselves and others.

Today’s top poker players are often relatively young and highly intelligent (which is why we see so many players with advanced degrees). They can also be very instinctive, strategic, bold or decisive; willing to take calculated risks for big returns. This campaign captures these mind-sets and delivers them back in ways that can resonate with current players and will also attract new players who share these same characteristics and aspirations.

In short, the ‘We’ in ‘We Are Poker’ is not PokerStars the company. It is the nearly 50 million very different people all over the world who play at our tables.

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Alex Payne is the Chief Marketing Officer for PokerStars


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