Countdown to EPT Deauville

January 21, 2013

Bonjour!* Are you getting ready for EPT Deauville? We certainly are and with good reason. While the kiss of the sun may still feel fresh on those that went to the PCA (or the bite of the air-conditioning for those of us working the event), the early events of Deauville kick off in little more than a week. Qualifiers are still running, details of which you can find here or by just jumping into the PokerStars lobby and clicking on the Events > EPT tabs.

*That means hello, just in case you didn’t know.

You can get your facts and figures from the official European Poker Tour website, which shows a huge 48 tournament schedule when you take the France Poker Series event into account. There’s action running 29 January to 9 February with buy-ins ranging from $120 all the way up to the $10,300 High Roller.


Deauville’s Hotel Normady

Getting there?
EPT Concierge is running a shuttle service from Paris to Deauville for €80 so click through to this EPT shuttle page.

Strike it lucky
If you fancy your chops at bowling then get yourself down to the local Deauville bowling alley where EPT Concierge is putting up €600 for the top three kingpins. Full details acn be found here.

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