Danny boy

February 09, 2006

Danny Ticer is another one of those PokerStars FPP qualifiers. And he’s a qualifier of some pedigree. Last year he won two seats at the World Series of Poker on PokerStars and now here he is in Deauville, France, having snapped up another package with his poker-playing prowess.

Danny Ticer: from Texas to Normandy, France

And Deauville is not just round the corner for Danny, either. He’s from a small town called Jacksonville, in east Texas, and is actually making his first visit outside the United States. Right now, he’s sitting with round about 15,500 in chips but has been card dead for more than an hour.

Like long-haul flights, however, these poker tournaments take time and, to stretch this analogy, he’s not even through the first bad movie and bag of pretzels yet. He’s still looking strong, nowhere near the emergency exit, with hours left yet to snap up something valuable from the in-flight store.

We’ll be watching.


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