EPT €25K High Roller: Busto_soon? Not yet

May 01, 2009

PokerStars sponsored player Johan ‘Busto_soon’ Van Til just picked off a big bluff from David Eldar next to him. He called 8,000 on the J♦3♦8♣K♦ board before calling an additional 17,000 on the 5♣ river.

Eldar tapped the table and showed a complete miss with 7♥6♥ while Van Til’s K♥10♥ was good enough for the pot.


Johan ‘Busto_Soon’ Van Til

Big names Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey have been eliminated from the tournament, the latter getting his chips in with K-T on a K-4-3 board but walking into Andy Bloch’s K♦4♦. Marcus Golser has also been knocked out, he pushed from the button over the top of the small blind’s re-raise with A♥4♥ but could only tap the table when he was called by A♦A♣.

Some premature celebrations meanwhile came from Thomas Wahlroos and Tony G when they saw we had less than 50 players remaining. They cheered loudly as Wahlroos explained: “The first aim of today was to make it into the last 75 (from the 79 who started) and now we have made the last 50! Now people will be busting out non-stop!”

With an average stack of over 100 big blinds at the moment, I reserve my right to respectfully disagree with the Finn.


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