EPT €25k High Roller: Day 1, levels 3 & 4 (blinds 150-300, ante 25)

April 29, 2010


Big fold by Mortensen into the break
Carlos Moretensen thought for the four minutes before the break and the eight minutes into break before making a big lay down against Isabelle Mercier. On the 5♦10♥J♠ flop she led for 12,500 from under-the-gun and he called from the cut-off to see the 8♦ turn. She quickly led out for 20,000 (22,650 back) basically telling Mortensen they were playing for stacks as the Spaniard only had 26,000 left. He tanked and then folded pocket kings face-up and begged Mercier to show her holding. She responded by saying “You’re the best player in the world, I can’t show you anything”. –MC

4.30pm: Reinkemeier rivered?
Tobias Reinkemeier is a player not afraid of getting involved in a big pot on the river. He was the player that famously called Roland de Wolfe with queen high and got the Brit to muck his king high winning hand,. You can check it out (in German) by clicking here.

There wasn’t any such histrionics here against Tong G, but there easily could have been. Reinkemeier raised to 900 under the gun and was called by Tony G. G called a bet on the K♠2♠4♣ flop and a larger 4,500 bet on the 10♦ turn. The German made a final 8,750 bet on the 4♥ river which was raised to 26,500 by Tony G. Reinkemeier, who finished 8th at the PCA High Roller for $108,045, eventually made the call only to be shown 4♦5♣ for rivered trips .

That’s another two levels down and we’re into break time. — RD

4.20pm: No repeat for Rousso
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has been eliminated by Pierre Neuville ending her dreams of retaining her crown. She called the Belgian’s bet on every street and then called all-in on the river. The final board read K♠J♦7♣7♥9♠ and Neuville tabled pocket kings for a full-house. She flashed a king and made her exit. –MC

4.05pm Kravchenko’s ticket booked?
Isaac Baron had raised from middle position to 800 and was three-bet to 2,300 from the hijack. One Mr Alex Kravchenko then moved all-in for 28,575. Baron looked more than a little aggrieved but passed nonetheless. Kravchecnko met no further resistance and scooped the por. ‘Have you got a flight to catch?’ asked Baron. Kravchenko laughed. — RD

3.55pm: No-one believes Viktor Blom
You’d think Viktor Blom had a reputation of sorts. No-one seems to believe any bet he makes. Earlier Phil Laak had called him down with king high and now it’s Vanessa Rousso attempting to bluff catch.

Five players had gone to the after an early position limp. Blom had called in the hijack, the button had decided to come along for the ride as well as Rousso in the small blind and Tony G in the big. The 7♦J♥K♠ flop was checked round. On the 7♣ turn Rousso led out for 700 folding out everyone but Blom. The reigning champ then check-called 2,400 on the K♣ river attempting to catch Blom at it.

Rousso: A♥10♥*
Blom: 7♠8♦

*Minor disclaimer: we’re 95% sure it was 10♥. We’ll try to check with Rousso later on. — RD

3.45pm: ‘I’m a five-bet madman!’
Finally Daniel Negreanu gets a big pot back from Ronny Kaiser after five-betting him pre-flop with K♣6♣ and hitting on a 2♠9♣K♠9♥9♠. Negreanu laughed as he checked his hand down on the iver and said, ‘I’ve got a pair now.’ Holding the cards up to his face he said, ‘I’m a five-bet madman!’ — RD

ept high roller_day 1_ daniel negreanu.jpg

Daniel ‘Five-bet madman’ Negreanu

3.35pm: Vulgar for Voulgaris
Gus Hansen has doubled to 39,000 in very fortunate circumstances through Haralabos Voulgaris. Three players saw a K♣6♣8♣ flop and after the third player involved bet 2,100 and Hansen called Haralbos raised to 5,200. Only Hansen called to see the 9♣ turn where he moved all-in when checked to him. The Canadian snap-called prompting Hansen to say “Well I guess you got it. God I played bad again”.

He did have it and tabled A♣9♣ for the nut flush to Hansen’s 5♥5♠ for a set. The river came 6♠ though to make a house for Hansen to save his tournament. –MC


3.25pm: Berende shifts from main event to high roller
Paul Berende was the first player to be knocked out of the EPT Grand Final main event this afternoon. Of the €50,000 that he won for his 25th place finish he’s using half of it as a major spin up in the High Roller event here. Berende has joined a table with tennis legend Boris Becker, Dennis Phillips and Nikolay Evdakov.
Becker limped under the gun and was called by Berende in the small blind. Evdakov checked his option. Becker was the only player to take an interest in the flop and his small bet was enough to a) win the pot, and b) make Evdakov laugh loudly. ‘Nice hand,’ said Evdakov finding the situation (strangely) amusing before Becker even showed his A♣. — RD

3.20pm: Thorson laying down the hammer
Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson only arrived at the beginning of this level but already he’s up to 160,000 which is quite possibly the chip lead. He just took out an unknown player who called all-in against him but was wrong. The board read 4♣10♠Q♠7♦J♣ and this said player led out for 8,000 before Thorson moved all-in. The player thought and said “If you have a straight you got me”.

“I have jacks Thorson replied” and tabled J♠J♦ for a rivered set.

The unknown player flashed ace-queen and mucked before getting up and leaving. –MC

3.10pm: Stelmak cleans up
Dimitry Stelmak, who final tabled the High Roller event at the PCA, has taken down a three-way pot to move to 85,000. Dutchman Jorryt van Hoof opened the pot with a raise to 750 from the hijack that called from the button only for Sorel Mizzi to three-bet (again) to 2,500. Both players called to see the 2♠9♣J♣ flop. The action checked to Mizzi who continued with a 5,200 bet. Van Hood raised it up 13,500 and then Stelmak raised again up to 34,500. It was too much for both his opponents and they folded. Mizzi on 49,000, Van Hoof on 25,000. — MC

3.05pm: Saout cripples brown
The admission first: we didn’t catch the pre-flop or flop action, but what went on after that was pretty tough on Chad Brown. Antoine Saout 6,650 from the small blind on a 6♥10♠7♥A♠ board. Brown calls on the button. Saout counts out a 18,000 bet and Brad calls without too much ado.

Saout: A♣A♥ for a turned top set
Brown: 6♦6♠ for flopped bottom set

Saout has been very active these first few levels. — RD

ept high roller_day 1_chad brown and antoine saout.jpg

Antoine Saout turned set over set

3.05pm: Minieri busts Strassmann
We don’t have any details except the important one: Johannes Strassmann has been busted by fellow Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri. — RD

3.00pm: Minieri and Baron clash
Some players like to play a tight game while others (more fool them) a weak passive game. Neither can be said of Dario Minieri or Isaac Baron. Baron checks from the small blind on the 9♥4♠8♥ board and Minieri leads for 2,625. Baron flicks out a check-raise of 6,500 sending Minieri deep into the tank. The Italian eventually folds but suffice to say this won’t be the last time that the pair clash. — RD

2.50pm: Just plain bullying
Daniel Negreanu and Ronny Kaiser have been at it again. We’ve witnessed two pots today where the young Swiss has raised Negreanu off hands. At some point Negreanu was going to fight back. He raised to 800 and yet again Kaiser three-bet him, this time to 1,900. Negreanu decided to make a stand and four-bet to 5,800 but Kaiser had one more raise in him and made it 11,900. It did the trick as Negreanu let it go again.

Negreanu is doing okay though and maintaining his stack. He’s currently on 52,000. Kaiser’s up to 71,000. –MC

2.35pm: Back from break
The players will need to utilise every break today as the high turnout (over 100 and counting) and deep starting stacks (50,000 chips) mean organisers are planning to play 11 levels today. It might well be needed to enable the field to shrink to 8 over the course of two days.

Players are back in their seats and level three is underway. –MC

_MG_1219_EPT6MON_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Reigning champ: Vanessa Rousso

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €25k High Roller in Monte Carlo (in order of free cream cakes eaten today): Rick Dacey (3) and Marc Convey (1 – although he’d just had a sandwich)


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