EPT €25K High Roller: Day 1, levels 9, 10 & 11 (blinds 1,000-2,000, ante 200)

April 30, 2010


2.25am: Bagging and tagging
Chips are being counted. A full wrap review of the day is on its way. — RD

2.15am: Negreanu out
On a nine-high flop Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu and Paul Berende got it all-in. Negreanu had queens and Berende aces. Negreanu’s exit pushes Berende up to 160,000. What a comeback. — RD

2.10am: Mathis cracks aces
Rino Mathis has just got it all-in with eights against pocket aces. A spiked eight on the river doubled him up to 180,000. — RD

The last four hands of the evening have been annouced. — RD

2.05am: Berende doubles again
Paul Berende will finish with the overnight chip lead at this rate. He’s just got it in with A♠Q♠ and binked an ace on the river to hit 100,000. ‘Champion,’ said Tony G , sat next to Berende, with a shake of his head, ‘You’re a champion.’ Berende had only recently doubled with 5♣6♣.

Players we have recently lost include Isabelle Mercier, Viktor Blom and John Duthie. Just over 15-minutes left before the bagging and tagging. — RD

1.50am: Liv Boeree flips out
‘Let me win my first race of the day,’ asked Liv Boeree as she tabled 8♠8♣ to Michael Friedrich’s A♠J♠. An ace appeared on the flop and no miracle two-outer came on the turn or river. Poor old Liv Boeree couldn’t win a flip or fade a draw today – but considering she won €1.3m at San Remo last week I’m sure she’ll survive. –RD

1.35am: Berende finds his luckbox button
Paul Berende moved all-in for 20,000 with 5♣6♣ and was called by pocket tens. He was open-ended on the flop and got there on the river. The Dutchman is on 45,000 with some chips and one chair. –RD

1.25am: Ummer wishes the break didn’t end
Per Ummer is out barely after arriving back at his seat getting it in with 2♥2♠ to Luke Schwartz’s A♠K♥. The flop was a very unfriendly A♦8♠A♣ and Ummer was gone. –RD

1.10am: Berende does Blom a favour
Paul Berende raised from early position with A♥J♣ to 3,800 and was called by Liv Boeree before Viktor Blom three-bet to 12,400 from his 53,000 stack. Berende moved all-in. Boeree quickly folded before Blom insta-called showing Q♠Q♦.

The board furthered the cause of neither player’s hand with a 8♥2♠6♣5♦8♦ board and Blom doubled to 110,000.

That’s level 10 over. The players are going on a 15-minute break before playing the last level of the day. We have 51 players left from a starting field of 113. You can expect some more big bust outs in the next 60 minutes. Play starts again at 1.25am.– RD

1.05am: Duthie doubles
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie stack had gotten very low of late but he’s just doubled-up, luckily, to 63,000. He opened with a raise and was flat called by the small blind before the big blind three-bet. Duthie moved all-in for 28,900 total and found himself up agianst K♠K♦. Duthie opened A♣9♠ and flopped a two-outer ace to take the pot. Two-outer, you say? The small blind said he folded ace-queen. –MC

1am: Allen on Allan
Allan Baekke has been eliminated by fellow Allen of the Bari variety. Bari raised and was called in three spots before Baekke three-bet to 20,000. Bari then four-bet to 46,000 forcing the three callers to fold but the Dane moved all-in and was called. It was queens for Baekke and kings for Bari. Kaiser had folded queens so Baekke was drawing might thin and not surprisingly he was eliminated. Bari up to 285,000. -MC

12.50am: Daniel doubles
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has doubled-up through Per Ummer. His king-ten managed to come from behind to beat the Swede’s ace-queen. He’s still short on 67,000. –MC

12.45am: Azoulay makes a hero call.. and mucks
Gus Hansen has a certain reputation, I think that’s fair to say, and that’s something that must have been in the back of Mikael Azoulay’s mind when he decided to call a large 49,500 bet from Hansen on the river of a A♠J♣A♣K♠6♦ board. He had already called 17,000 on the turn and with the six being irrelevant if he wasn’t drawing Azoulay felt he had to make the call. Hansen showed A♦4♦ for top trips. Azoulay instantly mucked his hand and is down to 100,000. Hansen is up to 180,000. –RD


Gus Hansen

12.40am: Battle of France and the blinds
Fellow Frenchmen Anthony Lellouche and ElkY just did battle in the blinds with Lellouche coming out on top. The action had made the river with the board reading 10♦2♠2♦A♠K♠ and 42,000 had made it’s way into the middle. Lellouche led out for 21,000 and after some thought ElkY threw in the chips to call. Lellouche tabled A♣3♠ and took the pot as ElkY folded. Lellouche up to 119,000, ElkY down to 45,000. –MC

12.35am: Hansen calls time on McDonald
Gus Hansen has just knocked out Mike McDonald with 10♥10♣ to ‘Timex’s A♦K♦. Hansen very nearly picked up a massive call from Mikael Azoulay who really seemed to want to call with his ace-jack for Hansen’s 80,000 isolation shove. McDonald was all-in for 20,000 at this point. Azoulay, after a lot of play acting, folded. The board ran out 9♥4♥9♠7♥3♥. Hansen is up to 110,000. — RD

12.25am: Not so Dyer now for Greg
Greg Dyer is up to 100,000 after doubling through Richard Lyndaker. Lyndaker opened the pot with a raise to 3,500 from mid-position and then called the 11,000 three-bet from Dyer in the small blind. The flop came 7♦5♦10♣ and when Dyer led out for 15,500 Lyndaker set him all-in. Call.

Dyer: 10♦8♦
Lyndaker: K♦Q♦

Dyer though diamonds were good for him but not any more. The turn came 8♠ and river 8♣ to make a boat for Dyer and stack to really maneuver with now. –MC

12.15am: Schwartz moves into second spot
Luke Schwartz just took down a monster pot to move into second position on the chip leader board. Fredrik Keitel raised and then called the Brit’s three-bet to see an eight high flop. It was here that the rest of the chips went flying in with Keitel being the player covered. He tabled pocket jacks but Schwartz opened pocket queens. The queens held and Schwartz is up to a massive 310,000 now. –MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ante 200

12.10am: Fernandez flops monster
Mike McDonald must have been pretty happy when Leo Fernandez put most of his stack across the line on a 2♦A♥4♣ flop. McDonald held 4♠4♦ for middle set while Fernandez had flopped the wheel with 3♦5♣. McDonald set the Argentinian all-in for his 57,700 stack and Fernandez made the call. The turn and river didn’t pair and the Team PokerStars Pro doubled up to 115,000. –RD

12.05am: Tom making his Marchese
Tom Marchese has dispatched Nikolay Evdakov. We don’t have the details I’m afraid but it puts him up to 270,000. –MC

12am: Boeree bounces back
It didn’t take long for Boeree to get the rest of her stack in the middle. When the action folded around to her on the button she moved all-in for around 30,000 and was called by Markus Golser in the small blind. Boeree tabled 9♣9♠ and was dominating Golser’s pocket sixes. The board ran K♥A♦5♦Q♥Q♣. She’s up to 63,000 now. Golser’s down to 115,000. -MC

ept high roller_day 1_liv boeree.jpg

Liv Boeree is battling for her tournament life at the moment

11.55pm: Battle of the B’s
Liv Boeree had Kings. Viktor Blom had Aces. You do the math. Okay, in case you’re not so hot with logic… a relatively short stacked Blom doubled through Boeree, our most recent EPT winner, who wasn’t quite so short stacked. She is, however, pretty low on chips now. Blom is on 45,000 and Boeree around 30,000. — RD

11.45pm: Kravchenko grinding it out
Mike McDonald raised to 3,100 from middle position picking up callers from everyone and their brother (Alex Kravchenko, Dennis Phillips, Gus Hansen and the big blind). Kravchenko was the first to bet the flop to the tune of 7,900 and was called by Phillips. The ultimate blank appeared on the river in the shape of the 2♠ and Kravchenko continued his battery upon the board with a 22,000 bet. Phillips folded without so much as a whimper. –RD

11.40pm: Four hand journey with Viktor Blom
We followed the journey of Viktor Blom over the course of four hands he played in a row, the last being a double-up to 33,000 for the Swede.

Hand 1.
Viktor Blom raised to 3,000 from the hijack and was called by player on the button to see a flop. Blom continued with a 4,800 bet and the button folded.

Hand 2.
Blom raised from the hijack and Tony G called from the big blind adding “Some ones got to double you up.”

The flop came J♣Q♥5♠ and Blom continued with a 4,800 bet when checked to him but folded when Tony G put him all in. Tony G showed king-ten and said “King was probably good there.”

Hand 3.
Blom raised to 3,000 and then called Tobias Reinkemeier’s 8,000 three-bet. The flop came down J♣6♠Q♥ and Blom check-folded to a bet from his opponent even though he only had around 13,000 back.

Hand 4.
Markus Golser raised from under-the-gun to 3,1000 and Blom moved all-in for 13,100. Isabelle Mercier then four-bet to 23,500 forcing Golser to fold what he said was pocket eights. Showdown:

Blom: K♣K♥
Mercier: J♥J♠

The board ran 8♦5♣3♣Q♦3♠ to double Blom up to 33,000. -MC

11.25pm: Long goodnight for Langmann
Team PokerStars Pro Florian Langmann has played his last hand of this High Roller tournament after getting it in to a five-bet from Tom Marchese. Langmann was racing for his 85,000 stack with ace-king and failed to spike. –RD

11.20pm: Shorty doubles shorty
William Thorson has doubled-up the other short-stack at his table Andrew Feldman. Thorson raised from under-the-gun and then called the push from Feldman in the small blind. Feldman tabled A♥Q♥ to Thorson’s A♠9♠ and the board ran 10♦4♦5♣K♠8♣. Feldman up to a still short stack of 24,000, Thorson down to 55,000. –MC

11.10pm: The big boys are back
We have 64 players left which is approaching half the 113 starting field gone over 8 hours of play. We still have three more to play (starting now) and with plenty of big names left you really should stay with us to the end. –RD

ept high roller_day 1_john duthie.jpg

John Duthie is just one of the big names still in

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €25k High Roller in Monte Carlo (in order of height): Rick Dacey (6′) and Marc Convey (6′ also as it turns out)


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