EPT €25K High Roller: Day 2, levels 12 & 13 (blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 300)

April 30, 2010


2.15pm: Baguette run
It’s a 15-minute break for the players here at the end of level 11 and with 31 players left the thought of that final table must be starting to creep into players’ minds. Our minds, however, are on the baguettes waiting for us in the bar. See you back here in quarter of an hour. — RD

2.15pm: G-man out
Tony G never recovered and is out to the same man that crippled him. He moved in with ace-five and was called by Dori Yacoub with ace-ten. Two tens on the flop and that was that. –MC

ept high roller_day 2_tony g.jpg

Tony G in happier times yesterday

2.10pm: Downward spiral
Tobias Reinkemeier hasn’t had the best of starts today. He’s lost lot’s of pots without show down and he’s just lost another pot to Olivier Busquet to drop down to 260,000. The German opened with a raise from the button and was called by Busquet to see the 3♣A♠Q♣ flop. Both checked before Busquet led out for 10,000 on the 9♦ turn. Call. Both players went back to checking on the 9♥ river and Busquet took the pot with A♦3♥ as Reinkemeier. Busquet on 265,000 now. -MC

2pm: Brown does well not to value cut himself
Chad Brown called a 7,600 raise in the big blind from a William Thorson cut-off open raise. Both players checked down to the 9♠5♦4♠K♠A♥ river where Thorson bet 14,000. Brown didn’t consider raising for that long before calling.

Thorson: A♦Q♦
Brown: A♣J♥

Thorson takes the pot with his kicker shortly before their table was broken. We now have five tables left. — RD

1.50pm: Bari willing visitor of Value Town
After Allen Bari check called the 33,000 bet from Tom Marchese on a 2♥Q♥6♠A♦ turn his fist tapping check on the 7♦ river may as well have spelt out in Morse code, ‘Don’t bluff STOP I will call STOP.’ Marchese bet 48,200 and Bari made the call. Marchese showed his top pair A♥9♥ and Bari mucked his hand. Bari is down to 230,000 as Marchese stomps up to 360,000. — RD

1.40pm: Tony G crippled
Tong G is down to 32,000 after his opponent hit a two-outer on the river to stay alive. All the chips went in on the 5♥5♦2♦ flop with Tony G holding 5♣6♠ for trips. His opponent was Dori Yacoub and he was drawing thin with 10♣10♥. The turn blanked but the river came 10♣ to save the man from Lebanon. He’s up to 190,000 now. -MC

1.30pm: Hansen the true high roller
Gus Hansen has to be considered the true high roller in this event for one reason. He hasn’t even bothered to turn to finish playing his 62,200 starting stack. The Dane has already blinded down to around 35,000 in the €25,000 event as the action gets increasingly short-handed. Phone calls have been made but Hansen is still nowhere to be seen.

Apparently he’s on his way but it will have to be an incredible comeback if he makes it all the way back from here. — RD


Gus Hansen’s chips

1.20pm: ‘I could beat the five’
A fascinating pot just played out between ElkY and Ronny Kaiser. Daniel Negreanu found out yesterday what a pain the young Swiss star can be when sat to your left. ElkY has that little something different about him though that no-one else in the poker world possesses. It’s not tangible and would be hard to describe. It’s just ElkY.

ElkY opened the pot with a rise to 5,500 before Kaiser does what he does, a three-bet to 12,900. ElkY then four-bet to 27,7000 before Kaiser five-bet to 60,400. ElkY was going nowhere and made the call to go to the J♥A♠5♥ flop. Surprisingly both players checked though to the 7♥ turn where ElkY led for a small 33,300. Call. The river came J♦ and ElkY upped the pressure with a 88,800 bet. Kaiser sat in the tank for a few minutes and then slid his cards over the line in a fold. ElkY raked in the pot but before that he showed 9♣. ElkY up to 315,000, Kaiser down to 110,000. “I could beat the five”.
said Kaiser and let out a broad smile. –MC


ElkY staring down Kaiser

1.15pm: BLINDS UP: 1,500-3,000(ante 3,000)

1pm: Timoshenko all-in
Yevgeniyy Timoshenko shoved from the button for a little over 20,000 and was called in the big blind by Mikael Azoulay in the big blind who was having a lot of fun keeping Timoshenko waiting to see what he had.

Azoulay: K♣8♣

Timoshenko flopped top pair on the Q♠6♠9♠ flop and no king or runner-runner appeared for Azoulay. Timoshenko is still short but has been granted a lifeline. — RD

12.50pm: ElkY wins even when he loses
ElkY was playing out of the blinds against Tobias Reinkemeier when he check-called 11,000 on a 5♠K♦7♣ flop and 13,500 on a J♠ turn. When the A♥ appeared on the river neither player wanted to show their hand with ElkY almost mucking his hand before Reinkemeier, who was due to show his hand first, tossed his cards to the dealer.

At the same table William Thorson doubled through Reinkemeier and then Olivier Busquet did likewise to Thorson. Chips are moving fast and free at table 6. — RD

12.35pm: Three go at the same time
Three players were eliminated at virtually the same time and they were Andrew Feldman, Dmitry Stelmak and Kamar Fady. We missed Feldman’s exit but managed to get the details of the other two.

Stelmak was left short after tangling with Markus Golder. They had got to the river with 40,000 in the pot. The board read 4♠5♣10♣A♦2♠ and when Stelmak checked from the small blind Golser moved all-in from the big blind. Stelmak smiled and folded, leaving himself with 60,000. That 60,000 was soon in the middle with his holding of pocket queens. Unfortunately for him Harrison Kaczka woke up with pocket kings and eliminated him.

Kamar Fady was the third shortest stack coming into today and he moved all-in after a Paul Berende raise. Berende called with pocket tens which was way ahead of Fady’s pocket fives and stayed that way until the end. –MC

12.25pm: Table draws
Apologies for the delay in seat draws. Minor confusions between the draw last night and players seating themselves today meant we wanted to wait all players were in front of their correct stacks. And here they are…

Table 1
1 – Allen Bari – 250,000
2 – Mikael Azoulay – 93,200
3 – Rino Mathis, Team PokerStars Pro – 148,600
4 – Richard Lyndaker – 77,300
5 – Alex Kravchenko, Team PokerStars Pro – 67,900
6 – Ilya Bulychev – 67,000
7 – Yevgeniyy Timoshenko – 47,000

Table 2
1 – Paul Berende – 187,000
2 – Javier Garcia – 116,600
3 – Kamar Fady – 52,500
4 – Greg Dyer – 100,400
5 – Matt Marafioti- 87,000
6 – Sorel Mizzi – 260,500
7 – Dren Ukella – 102,000

Table 3
1 – Gus Hansen – 62,200
2 – Dmitry Stelmak – 91,700
3 – Markus Golser – 291,700
4 – Michael Friedrich – 144,000
5 – Harrison Kaczka – 104,800
6 – Tony G – 168,500

Table 4
1 – Thomas Marchese – 261,000
2 – Andreas Tinbergen – 37,500
3 – Matt Woodward – 159,400
4 – Mikhail Smirnov – 59,700
5 – Leo Fernandez, Team PokerStars Pro – 173,500
6 – David Paredes – 105,300
7 – Marcello Mangliano – 118,200

Table 5
1 – Antony Lellouche – 136,200
2 – Anthony Guetti – 81,900
3 – Dori Yacoub – 59,700
4 – Peter Jetten – 73,600
5 – Antoine Saout – 224,600
6 – Luke Schwartz – 300,300
7 – Najibullah Salamzy – 140,900

Table 6
1 – Andrew Feldman – 20,600
2 – Tobias Reinkemeier – 457,300
3 – Chad Brown, Team PokerStars Pro – 55,000
4 – Olivier Busquet – 171,400
5 – ElkY, Team PokerStars Pro – 196,500
6 – Ronny Kaiser – 195,400
7 – William Thorson, Team PokerStars Pro – 79,900

12.18pm: We’re off
Play has got underway for today. The full seat draw will appear here like magic very soon. –MC

Reinkemeier leads from Schwartz
Welcome back for day 2of the EPT €25K High Roller event. 41 players made it through from the starting 113 players and German Tobias Reinkemeier tops the lot with an impressive 457,300. It’s impressive due to the sheer size of his stack but it’s more impressive because of the quality of the players he had to contend with to compile it.


Chip leader at the start of play; Tobias Reinkemeier

Today the field is more condensed but still star studded. Reinkemeier will have his work cut out staying ahead of the likes of Luke Schwartz (300,500), Markus Golser (291,000) and Sorel Mizzi (260,400). Six Team PokerStars Pros remain in the hunt and they include ElkY (196,500), Leo Fernadez (173,500) and William Thorson (79,900).

Normally at an EPT tournament we have the money bubble and then the official final table bubble. In this tournament they are one and the same thing. Eight places get paid and eight players will come back tomorrow for the final table. We expect the action to be fast and competitive as these players aim to build a chip winning stack before we reach the critical final stages of the day.

Play is due to start at 12pm CET join us back then for the action.


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