EPT €25k High Roller: Day 2, levels 14 & 15 (blinds 2,500-5,000, ante 500)

April 30, 2010


4.57pm: ElkY loses some
Tom Marchese raised from under-the-gun and was called by ElkY in the big blind to go the 7♦10♥A♦ flop. ElkY check-called a 18,500 bet before leading out for 27,000 on the Q♦ turn. Call. Both players checked the river and ElkY’s ace-queen lost out to Marchese’s 10♠7♥ for a full-house. Marchese up to 350,000, ElkY down to 300,000.

That was the last hand of the level. Over to the new post for level 16.

4.48pm: Rub your eyes
Matt Woodward is down to 35,000 after folded a full-house on the river to ElkY. The board read 2♥J♥J♣Q♠K♣ and Woodward led out for 65,000 leaving himself just 35,000 behind. ElkY then put him all-in. The auto-call didn’t come like you’d expect instead Woodward thought for a while and open folded 2♠2♣ for a full-house. ElkY flashed the case two and raked in the pot. “Oh you had jack-deuce” said Woodward.

Other players at the table could not believe what they were seeing and questioned Woodward on his play.

The 35,000 he had left didn’t fair him too well and he was out shortly after. –MC


So long Matt Woodward

4.35pm: New chip leader
Dori Yacoub started today with less than 60,000 but after doubling-up through Matt Woodward he now sits on 630,000 chips. Yacoub opened to 11,500 and then called Woodward’s three-bet to 27,500. Both checked the J♣3♦kd] flop to go to the 9♣ turn. Yacoub checked again and when Woodward bet 37,000 he snap-raised to 100,000. Woodward went into the tank and Yacoub said to him “I’ll show if you fold”.

Woodward then moved all-in and Yacoub quickly called-off his last 289,000 with A♥A♦. Woodward winced and tabled J♣J♣. The river came 2♣ and Woodward handed over the extra chips. He’s down to 150,000 now. –MC

4.20pm: Busquet set
In a three-way pot on the Q♦7♦J♥8♣ board Markus Golsa bets 35,000 into Luke Schwartz, who has checked out of the blinds, and Olivier Busquet on the button. Busquet called, Schwartz did not. The river completed an unlikely straight but little else. Golsa fired out a 70,000 bet into the American who slowly made a min-raise to 140,000. Golsa called and was shown a flopped set with 7♥7♠. — RD

4.15pm: Brown races back into contention
Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown has put a stop to the recent glut of Team Pros going out in showdowns. Ronny Kaiser opened the pot with a raise to 11,500 and was called by Oliver Busquet and Luke Schwartz before Brown moved all-in for 71,000. Kaiser and Busquet folded but Schwartz said “I guess I got to call and hope we’re racing” and called.

There were indeed racing as Brown tabled A♣10♥ to the Brit’s 5♦5♣ and the board ran A♦8♠2♥10♠4♠. Brown hitting two-pair to go to 170,000, the same now as Schwartz. –MC

4.05pm: Saout shoves
Sorel Mizzi raised under the gun to 12,000 and was called in two spots before Antoine Saout moved all-in from the small blind for 235,000. Mizzi passed and Mikael Azoulay started stacking his chips as if to call before knocking a tower of reds down by mistake. This seemed to break his trance and he instantly mucked his hand. — RD

3.50pm: Play resumes
Players are back in their seats for level 15. Below is a picture of current chip leader Michael Friedrich.


3.35pm: Colour-up
Players are on a quick break while the black 100 denomination chips are coloured up.

3.30pm: ‘I hate this game’
Players are busting out at such a rate we finding it difficult to keep up. News has just reached us that the latest casualty is Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez. He got it in good with A♥K♠ against Michael Friedrich’s A♣Q♦ but the board ran 3♦Q♣3♠Q♥6♦. Friedrich has now leapfrogged Sorell Mizzi to claim the lead with 571,800. –MC

3.25pm:The tightest man in the tournament
If you’re one for statistics I’ve got a good one for you. The statistically tightest player in today’s field has been Gus Hansen. I bet you never thought you’d ever read that fact. There is unfortunately a very good explanation for it; he was a no-show and now he’s out. It took exactly 2hrs 26mins and 20secs for Hansen’s 62,200 to be blinded away and he was eventually all-in from the small blind. –MC

3.20pm: Mizzi crushed by the nut flush – and still wins
You want to know the secret of winning poker? It’s play good, run good. Dren Ukella moved all-in under the gun and was snapped off by Sorel Mizzi in the big blind. Ukella, who made the final table at the 2008 EPT Barcelona, tabled A♦K♦ and Mizzi Q♠Q♣.

Flop: 4♦10♦8♦

The flopped nuts for Ukella created a huge explosion of laughter before the oooo’s and ahhh’s of a paired eight with the 8♦ on the turn. And the river? It’s the 8♣ cue another painful amount of laughter as the big German stomped away from the table with his hands around his head. — RD

ept high roller_day 2_sorel mizzi.jpg

Sorel Mizzi: playing good, running better

3.10pm:Thorson flushed out
Team PokerStars Pro William Thoson has been eliminated the harshest of circumstances. Allen Bari raised to 8,000 and was called by Tom Marchese before Thorson moved all-in for 75,000. Bari folded bur Marchese called. Showdown:

Marchese: 9♥9♣
Thorson: 9♣9♥

The board ran K♥J♥3♥2♠A♥. Thorson hit a set on the river but it also made a flush for Marchese to scoop the pot. He’s up to 420,000 and takes over the chip lead from Sorel Mizzi.

Another Team Pro Rino Mathis is out as well. He never recovered from being so short and was eliminated by Allen Bari. It also seems another dangerous player has bit the dust. The short-stacked Yevgeniyy Timoshenko is no longer in his seat and is presumed out. –MC


The unlucky Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson

3pm: Marafioti doubles
Matt Marafioti has doubled-up to 185,000 with pocket kings. Peter Jetten opened the pot with a 10,000 raise from early position before Marafioto three-bet to 24,100 from the next seat. The action folded back around to Jetten who slid a big stack of chips over the line. It was enough to cover Marafioti and he double checked his cards before calling all-in. Jetten tabled pocket jacks and he failed to find the two-outer need. He’s now short on 27,000. –MC

2.50pm: Azoulay causing mirth and merriment
Mikael Azoulay is having a great time in this High Roller event. Yesterday he busted Dario Minieri in a flush versus top set set-up and was chip leader for a while. Today he’s banging around in pots limping into pots and moving all-in post-flop. It’s making Timoshenko giggle but to be fair to Azoulay it is taking away a lot of the pro’s post flop abilities… at the moment.

News just in: David Paredes has busted to Michael Friedrich. Friedrich had raised William Thorson’s initial raise before Paredes moved all-in over the top with pocket eights. Thorson moved out the way and Friedrich called with aces. — RD

2.40Pm: Rino’s river bet
Team PokerStars Pro Rino Mathis is down to 49,000 after bluffing off some chips to Richard Lyndaker. Mathis opened from the hijack and was called by Mathis is the cut-off to go to a 8♠10♦7♣ flop. Mathis made a c-bet of 16,500 and was called before both players checked the 3♣ river. The river came 3♣ and Mathis led for 27,200 and was called. “Good call” said the Swiss and tabled A♣5♣ for ace-high.

Lyndaker tabled Q♥10♥ for the pot. He’s up to 204,000 now. –MC

2.30pm: Sorel Mizzi is king of the chips
Canadian MTT pro Sorel Mizzi has built up a large 385,000 stack to take the chip lead here in the High Roller event with 31 players left. Blinds are going up to 2,000-4,000, ante 400 so we can expect some more double up or busts soon. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown is sat on 65,000 and Yevgeniy Timoshenko has 66,000. Of course there is also Gus Hansen who is still yet to arrive. The Dane has dwindled to 22,000. — RD

ept high roller_day 2_chad brown.jpg

Chad Brown has 16 big blinds coming back from the break

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the €25k High Roller in Monte Carlo (in order of surprise at Gus Hansen’s no show): Marc Convey (none) and Rick Dacey (some)


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