EPT €25k High Roller: Level 24 updates (20,000-40,000)

May 01, 2010


6.40pm: Tobias Reinkemeier wins €25,000 High Roller at EPT Grand Final
Olivier Busquet out in second, winning €956,000

That’s that for season six. Tobias Reinkemeier is the champion. Here’s how the last hand went. Reinkemeier raised to 100,000 and Busquet shoved all in for just less than a million chip. Reinkemeier couldn’t call quickly enough and showed Q♣Q♦, which was way ahead of Busquet’s A♠2♣.

The flop came 7♠10♦2♥, giving some more outs to Busquet. But the 3♥7♦ on turn and river weren’t enough and Reinkemeier is our champion.


Tobias Reinkemeier winner of Monte Carlo High Roller

Reinkemeier, who made the High Roller final table at the PCA, has his first major title. It was coming, folks. This guy is good. Reinkemeier wins €956,000. Good game, good game.

A full wrap is on its way. — HS

6.35pm: The new way of things
That hand opened up a near four-to-one advantage for Reinkemeier — 4,685,000 to 1,060,000 — and Busquet will now know what that means. On the hand immediately after the big bluff, Busquet raised his button to the standard 80,000 and Reinkemeier three-bet to 240,000. Busquet folded. — HS

6.30pm: Reinkemeier’s river bluff worth more than two million
This is the biggest pot of the heads up stage so far – and it’s gone to Tobias Reinkemeier. It started with the standard raise pre-flop from Reinkemeier, making it 80,000 to go. Busquet three-bet to 220,000 and Reinkemeier was amenable.

That took them to a flop of Q♠2♣8♥ and Busquet bet 240,000, which Reinkemeier called. The turn was A♠. Busquet led again, making it 450,000 and again Reinkemeier called, building a pot at this point of already 1.8m.

The river was 2♥ and Busquet did not let up. He bet 560,000 and after a long, long dwell, Reinkemeier emerged with an all in shove. Could this be the end of it?

No, Busquet folded instantly, but Reinkemeier couldn’t resist showing his hand. He showed J♠9♠ for air.

Busquet said that he folded jack-ten, which would have been a chop had he found an amazing call. But he didn’t – and Reinkemeier secures a pretty huge psychological advantage there, I’d say. — HS

6.20pm: Deep
A regular pattern has emerged here. Both players are raising their button to 80,000 and both players are defending their big blinds with a call. Pretty much four out of five hands begin that way. By and large a bet on flop or turn takes it – that bet is usually about 80,000 too – and stacks have hardly changed since the start.

Currently they stand as follows:

Tobias Reinkemeier: 3,155,000
Olivier Busquet: 2,590,000

This could go on for a bit. — HS


Olivier Busquet, seated, with Tobias Reinkemeier on television above

6.10pm: Tactical battle
As expected with such deep stacks, neither of these players is going to do anything reckless and this is a tense tactical battle. Both players are exhibiting good pot control and keeping it small; we haven’t seen two big hand go against one another yet, which might explain it.

Time then for a pictorial interlude:


Heads up at high roller

6pm: A swing in the momentum
The first three-bet and the first million chip pot of the heads up stage. And Olivier Busquet wins it. Tobias Reinkemeier opened for 80,000 and Busquet re-raised to 220,000. Reinkemeier called.

The flop was 3♦6♥8♠ and Busquet bet 240,000, which Reinkemeier called. This has been his MO; he calls a flop bet and stabs at the turn if it’s checked to him. So it was this time. The 2♥ turned, Busquet checked, Reinkemeier bet 330,000, but Busquet called.

The river was A♦ and Busquet checked. Reinkemeier checked behind and Busquet showed his J♥J♠ to take it down as Reinkemeier mucked.

On the next hand, they got to the river in a much smaller pot – checking it all the way – and Busquet’s bet took it. — HS

5.55pm: Reinkemeier still not reined in
We’ve gone a few minutes without a flop. Reinkemeier has been the more aggressive player still and has taken down a couple of blinds.

The heads up counts are roughly:

Reinkemeier: 3,615,000
Busquet: 2,130,000 – HS

5.49pm: Reinkemeier takes it on the turn
After Busquet takes a couple of small pots, Reinkemeier wins another more substantial one. Busquet raised from the button and Reinkemeier called in the big blind. The flop was Q♦J♦2♠ and Busquet bet 80,000. Reinkemeier called. The turn was 5♣ and now Reinkemeier led for 160,000. Busquet folded. — HS

5.40pm: Reinkemeier nicks first one
Reinkemeier takes down the first hand of heads up play – and it got all the way to the river. He raised to 80,000 from the button/small blind and Busquet called. That brought a flop of K♣3♠9♣, which they both checked. The turn was 5♥ and Busquet bet 80,000. Reinkemeier called, taking them to a river of 3♦. Busquet slowed, but hopes of a cheap showdown were dashed. Reinkemeier bet 185,000 and Busquet let it go. — HS

5.32pm: And we’re off again
So, they’re heads up for the last title of EPT season six. Can you contain your excitement? Please try. This really could last any amount of time: they’re excellent players, they’re level in chips. But coolers affect the best players as well as the worst. — HS

5.22pm: Chip counts
Tobias Reinkemeier — 3,136,000
Olivier Busquet — 2,508,000

5.20pm: Back from the break
the TV crew have finished taking their team photo on the stage (plus one for fun) and the players are back ready for the heads up.


Tobias Reinkemeier

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Monte Carlo: In order of prize money on the Hendon Mob database): Stephen Bartley ($1,164), Howard Swains ($0).


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