EPT Baden: A Rapper’s delight

October 05, 2005

Below you’ll find the crack reporting of journalist-turned-marketing man, Conrad Brunner, who has the story on the guy in the picture below. If you’ve missed any of the earlier reports, look for links in the “Baden Briefs” section on the right.

Stefan Rapp

Stefan Rapp, our favourite Austria semi-professional table tennis player, is the local boy aiming to make a mark in Baden. We remember Stefan for making the final table at the first Barcelona EPT event while wearing a lurid Hawaii shirt.

He’s looking nattier in Baden in a velvet jacket, set off with a pair rather unusual sunglasses. Stefan, whose chip sack was sinking at the time, was handed the specs by his brother in mid-tournament – with instant results.

He made a late position raise and the player to his right took offence: “Just because you’ve got these fancy new sunglasses, you think you can make a steal.”

“Move all-in, and you will see for yourself if I’m stealing,” said Stefan.

His opponent moved all-in, Stefan called instantly and flipped two kings to his opponents Ace three. The Austrian’s hand held up and he now has 16k


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