EPT Baden: Day 1 ends

October 05, 2005

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Word spreads quickly in a poker tournament room. Like wildfire on a dry mountain, word circulated that Roland Dewolfe, recent WPT champion, had busted out. I’d seen it happen. He kicked himself later, replaying his ace-king versus ace-ace hand, trying to decide if he should’ve played it any differently. Everyone I heard said he couldn’t have done anything else. Nonetheless, it stung.

Roland Dewolfe

The word on the street was two Europeans at table four had stacked up. Daniel Larsson and Christian Grundtvig had moved toward the chip lead and didn’t seem to letting up. They would not end the day with the chip lead, but they would be close.

Christian Gundtvig

Daniel Larsson

And word was spreading, too, that play would end when there were 36 players remaining. The Austrian Poker Scouts were standing on the stairs, looking down over Noah Boeken’s table. He’d had an up and down day, most infamously cracking a poor gent’s kings with A6. It would come back to haunt Boeken. He finally found pocket kings and got all his chips in. It just so happened he ran into aces. Boeken busted in 37th place and play ended for the day.

Noah Boeken looking down at one of his winning aces that would eventually turn around and stab him in the back

And then there were 36. Among them is Jason McCombie, PokerStars FPP qualifier and four other PokerStars cash qualifiers. McCombie sits in 15th place and stands a decent chance of making the money (top 27 pay) if he doesn’t run into any monsters.

Play is set to resume at 11am on Wednesday. We’ll be playing down to the final eight players. Keep it here for all the action.


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