EPT Barcelona: Day 3, level 21 & 22 updates (10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante)

November 25, 2010


9.35pm: Finneran brings play to a finish
Thomas Finneran is our 25th place finisher and fills his pockets with €17,000. Chip leader Giuseppe Pantaleo opened the action from the button and Finneran moved all-in for around 400,000. Pantaleo did some maths/prayers in his head and called.

Finneran: A♣7♥
Pantaleo: A♦8♠

Finneran was left hoping for an outdraw but the 6♣10♠5♣5♠8♥ board refused to play ball for the Irishman. That bust out not only puts Pantaleo up to a huge 2.3 million chip lead but also closes play for the day. Full wrap and chip counts to come. — RD

9.25pm: One to go
Emilio Muñoz is out, meaning we have just one more to lose before we can call it a night. He had got it all-in with A♠J♠ and was in decent shape against Candido Gonçalves who had K♦10♦. Decent shape until the flop, that is, which came 8♦K♥7♥. Muñoz now needed an ace to survive, but the turn came 9♦ and river 4♠. –SY

9.22pm: Pantaleo can’t bear to watch
Giuseppe Pantaleo just won a 1.718 million pot against Kristoffer Thorsson in a battle of the blinds. The action folded around to Thorsson in the SB and he raised to 45,000 only to face a 125,000 three-bet from Giuseppe Pantaleo. His answer was to four-bet all-in. Snap call from Pantaleo.

Thorsson: A♥10♥
Pantelaleo: K♠K♠

Pantelaleo couldn’t bear to watch the board come out so chose to learn his fate from the cries or cheers of his supporters. The reaction was music to his ears as the board ran 9♠9♣8♦5♥5♠ to double him up. Thorsson has his work cut out now with just 285,000 left. — MC

9.18pm: Notaro making some interesting moves
The great thing about no-limit poker is that you do pretty much whatever you want. Someone raises to 300? Why not move all-in for 30,000? Well, there are a few reasons but the point is that you can if you want. Francesco Notaro is obviously entertaining many thoughts such as these. Blinds at 10,000/20,000? Why not open under-the-gun for 100,000. No-one found a hand to contest him and Notaro flashed the A♠. Game on. — RD

9.08pm: Siced and diced
Allan Sice is our latest faller. The Brit didn’t seem too upset to go out as he did, running queens into the kings of Ognjen Sekularac. ‘You know, I don’t mind going out like,’ he told me on the way to the cash desk. ‘You’re never getting away from that. It would have gone in on the flop anyway.’

Sice had started the hand with close to 400,000 and his 47,000 open had been three-bet by the Serbian to 115,000. Sice had shipped in the rest of his stack and obviously been insta-called. The board ran out 6♥9♥J♣7♣6♣ and that was the end of Sice. — RD

8.55pm: Nice pot for Thorsson
Kristoffer Thorsson stacked up a nice pot at the expense of Giuseppe Pantaleo. Thorsson had raised pre-flop and got a call to see a 3♥8♦9♠ flop. Thorsson continued his aggression with a bet of 65,000 and was called. On the A♣ turn, Thorsson made it 130,000 and again Pantaleo called. Finally, on the 2♣ river Thorsson fired out 200,000. Pantaleo thought, then made the call, mucking when he was shown A♥4♥.

Thorsson now moves up to around 750,000. — SY

8.45pm: Cannot Hani any longer
Besfort Hani was under-the-gun with pocket fours and a stack worth 185,000. All-in they went and he was looked up by Ognjen Sekularac two seats along.

Besfort: 4♣4♥
Sekularac: 10♥10♠

The board ran Q♠8♠5♣2♦3♥. We’re down to 27 players now so we only need to lose three more before play ends for the night. — MC

8.34pm: Runner-runner out of here
Those of a squeamish disposition, look away now. Kristoffer Thorsson raised to 42,000 before Giuseppe Pantaleo re-raised to 92,000. It was folded around to Filippo Marcolini in the big blind, and he shoved for his last 192,000. Thorsson played dead and got out of the line of fire, but Pantaleo was up for the fight.

Pantaleo: K♦6♦
Marcolini: 9♠9♣

That wasn’t too bad for the Italian, but the 5♥3♥9♥ flop was even better, giving him a set. With no heart in Pantaleo’s hand, Marcolini was in great shape. The turn was 7♠ and that did open up a gutshot draw for Pantaleo – a four would give him the straight – but that was unlikely.

Uh, oh. Boom! The 4♥ fell on the river, and we’re one very unlucky Italian down. We have 28 players left. — SY.

8.25pm: Video interlude

8.22pm: Naalden fails to make the twenties
Jesus Cortes Lizano has eliminated Marc Naalden in 30th place. The Spaniard raised to 36,00 from the cut-off and called when Naalden moved all-in for 184,000 from the SB.

Naalden: K♥7♥
Lizano: 7♠7♦

The board ran 6♥5♦4♠Q♠10♠. The Dutchman picked up hopes of a split pot on the flop but the turn and river failed him. — MC

8.11pm: Off again
Cards are back in the air. We’re now in level 22 with blinds of 10,000-20,000 with a 2,000 ante. — SY

7.56pm: Break
That’s the end of the level and the start of a 15-minute break. We’ve got 30 left and we need to get down to 24. — SY

7.55pm: Big pot alert….oh
Todd Sisley opened with a bet of 34,000 and it was folded around to Jorges Lores in the small blind. He called, as did Zachary Korik in the big blind. The flop was Q♣10♦8♣ and Lores, first to act, checked. Korik, however, bet 49,000, getting a call from Sisley and from Lores. The turn was Q♠ and Lores checked before Korik made it a meaty 119,000. Sisley called but Lores got out of the way.

The river was 7♦ and now Korik and Sisley were sufficiently wary of each other to check. Both had the same hand… K♣Q♦ for Korik, K♥Q♥ for Sisley. Chop it up. — SY

7.51pm: Marcolini gets lucky
Filippo Marcolini was cursing his luck when he got it all-in against Kristoffer Thorsson with A♥Q♦ against A♦K♣. Somehow he managed to chop the pot as the board ran out 10♠A♣6♦6♥A♠ and should be considering himself a very lucky boy at this moment in time. — RD

7.45pm: Bryn Kenney out
We did not see this one, but we’re told Bryn Kenney is out after bluffing at a massive pot with a missed flush draw. He was picked off on the river by Thor Stang, who had top pair. — SY

7.40pm: Slow rolling dealer
Paul Berende’s stack never recovered from losing that race against Romanello a while back and he’s just been eliminated. The action folded to Jani Kristian Rasinen on the button who pushed for just under 200,000 before Berende got his stack (less than 100,000) in from the small blind. The big blind folded to leave it heads-up.

Rasinen: A♣Q♣
Berende: A♠K♦

The dealer had to wait for the camera men to get in place before he could deal the flop and Berended commented “The dealer is always slow-rolling me.”

Berende was not wrong too as the board ran Q♥J♣5♣3♠A♥ to see he lose from a dominating position. With that we’re down to 32 players on four tables. — MC

7.32pm: Plauski out
Aleh Plauski is out. Konstantin Puchkov started it with a raise to 40,000 before Plauski, from Belarus, moved all-in for 280,000. It was then folded around to German PokerStars qualifier Giuseppe Pantaleo. He asked Puchkov how much he was playing behind.

“Over a million,” Puchkov said.
“I am all-in,” said the German. “It’s 850,000.”

Puchkov folded, and Pantaleo turned over A♣K♦, ahead of Plauski’s 7♣8♣. The door card on the flop was 8♥, much to Plauski’s delight, but the K♠ and 6♠ soon followed, restoring the power to Germany. The 2♠ turn and 4♦ river kept it there. Pantaleo up to more than 1 million– SY

7.29pm: Double axe-man
Francesco Notaro has 1.2 million chips and two feathers in his cap. It’s been a good ten minutes for him. First he managed to win in a classic jack versus ace-king race to knock ouot Matthias de Meulder and then he took out in second Team PokerStars Pro in almost as many minutes calling Leo Fernandez’s K♥6♦ shove with A♠10♥. ‘He’s on fire,’ said Dominic Nitsche sounding as if he was imitating a bad PlayStation basketball game. — RD

7.22pm: Ouch, that Stang
A bet of 45,000 from Thor Stang before Pascal Lefrancois moved all-in. Stang called, easily covering him and showing K♦K♠. Lefrancois turned over A♠10♦ which was good on the board of 5♦6♥2♦5♠3♦. – SB

7.15pm:Dead end for Romanello
Roberto Romanello’s tournament has come to and end in 39th place. His table just got moved from the TV set to the outer table and he was all-in the first hand. Roman Makhlin raised before Romanello shoved from late position and Zachary Korik re-shoved from a seat later. Makhlin folded to leave it heads-up.

Romanello: A♥J♥
Korik: J♣J♦

The board ran 8♣2♣5♥3♠7♠. The jovial Welshman wished everyone luck and made his exit. — MC

7.11pm: Another announcement
The tannoy has just announced a pause in play as the TV table breaks for the day (lazy blighters). Roaming cameras are still haring around though so table access is running at an absolute premium – thankfully I have sharp elbows. — RD

7.05pm: Fernandez floundering
Leo Fernandez looks on the verge of a departure on Day 3 having moved all-in for 450,000 from the small blind behind a bet of 70,000 from Francesco Notaro. Notaro called Fernandez, turning over A♣J♦ to the Team PokerStars Pro’s 10♥10♣.

The board ran 6♣K♠J♣9♥7♥. Notaro’s “yes!” was the only noise at an otherwise quiet table. Fernandez took the knock in his stride, despite faling to just 57,000. Notaro on the other hand is up to 750,000. – SB

7pm: Button power play
Jorge Lores was on the button, and when it folded around to him you knew he would reach for a raise. And he did with a standard bet. What the blinds had to work out was whether Snr Lores, from Spain, was stealing or had something worthwhile. Only Giuseppe Pantaleo wanted to find out. He called.

The flop was A♠5♠10♣ and Lores bet again. Call. On the A♣ turn, Lores pressed his point home with a big bet of 200,000. This time Panteleo got the message and folded. — SY

6.55pm: Slowing
Well, it’s all slowed down somewhat. We’re stuck on 39 players, and have been for a while. We’ve ordered in the sleeping bags for the long haul. — SY

6.53pm: ‘Any two’
That’s what a Finnish colleague believed that Kristoffer Thorsson was shoving 289,000 with from the cut-off. The three players to his left appear to have been on the tighter side of things and the 40,000 in blinds and antes a significant addition to his stack. And with only one stack that could afford to gamble it probably makes it a very +EV move. That said, I was thinking it was closer to his top 76.23% of hands… — RD

6.46pm: No dinner
Play was due to pause for an hour long dinner break at 7pm but tournament director Thomas Kremser has decided to kick that into touch and play through.

And talking of the big man, Kremser just had to conduct a long conversation with Alessandro Longobardi who seemed convinced that he had lost some chips (between 40,000 and 60,000) during the colour up. Kremser explained that all the chips were correctly accounted for and seemed to calm the Italian down over the matter. He has got well over a million anyway and probably missed aces during his quibble. — RD

6.43pm: The mid-term report

6.42pm: Berende in trouble
Paul Berende has just 90,000 chips left after a losing an all-in encounter against Roberto Romanello. The action took place on the feature table so the details are a bit hazy but we know all the chips in pre-flop and Berende held pocket tens to Romanello’s queen-jack. A jack appeared on the flop to double Romanello up to 260,000. — MC

6.35pm: Play restarts
Play is about to restart with blinds at 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante in level 21. We play until 7pm (about 25 minutes) at which point there will be a dinner break. — SB


The feature table

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Barcelona (in order of international incidents caused today): Stephen Bartley (1), Marc Convey (1), Simon Young (0, but in alliance with SB and MC) and Rick Dacey (0, but in alliance whether he likes it or not).


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