EPT Barcelona: German and pretty good

September 04, 2009


I’m going to stick my neck out here and make a prediction. Here is comes; get ready. I don’t make many of these so savour it. It’s on its way right now.

There’s going to be a German winner of EPT Barcelona.

There, I said it. And I mean it. Of course, it now almost certainly won’t come to pass, but I do have reasons for this boldness. Here they come; get ready.

Firstly, they’ve got previous. As noted earlier, in the admirably punning Double Deutsch post, Sebastian Ruthenberg took this one down last year, earning more than a million euros and cementing his place as one of the very best in the world at this game.


Sebastian Ruthenberg

Ruthenberg went on to get that World Series bracelet, and almost made the final table in Prague a couple of months later. He’s German, and he’s pretty good. And pretty good Germans like Barcelona.

The second reason behind the rare chutzpah of this prediction is the sheer number of German players in today’s field. Florian Langmann, again as previously mentioned, is ploughing away today, and he’s on the same table as Jan Collado, who was the final table bubble boy in the Bahamas in January, taking close to $150,000 for his ninth place. Collado has about 90,000 chips here, which puts him among the leaders.


Florian Langmann

On a neighbouring table is Holger Kanisch. He was one of three German players who finished in the top spots at the EPT event in Dortmund. He took close to $700,000 for his second place there, and he too has chips in Barcelona. Kanisch has about 60,000, double his starting stack.

Although Sandra Naujoks, who beat Kanisch heads up, plays tomorrow, the third member of that heroic triumvirate, Marc Gork, is in today’s field. He too is plodding along steadily, up to about 40,000.


Marc Gork

We’re not done yet. Ben Kang was noticed on the fringes of the tournament — he too is playing tomorrow. And as Langmann and Ruthenberg ate their dinner a few minutes ago, Nasr El Nasr dropped by for a chat.

That’sat least seven players answering to the description of “pretty good and German”. I’ll take them over any seven you care to pick.


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