The players have moved into level 25, with the blinds at 15,000-30,000, with a 3,000 ante.

Findan Gavin wields his short stack and forces a fold from Daniele Mazzia on an innocuous jack-high flop. He then moves all in from the button on the final hand before the level change and there are still nine players moving into level 26.

2.55am: An all-in and a call. It’s the Canadian Samuel Chartier who has all his money in the middle behind pocket kings. Mikael Lundell calls with queens and the PokerStars qualifier Chartier is a big favourite to double up. The flop is relatively safe. So is the turn. And…so is the river. Chartier is up to more than a million, Lundell is down to 367,000. On we go.

2.50am: As you can no doubt see, the chip counts have flattened dramatically on this pseudo final table, meaning we’re all prepared for a very late night. Finton Gavin is the big hope for those of us looking for a passport back to the hotel: he’s the shortest stack, with about 10 big blinds. But hold on, what’s this…?

2.15am: The most recent chip counts for the final nine are as follows:

Dren Ukella, Germany, 889000
Jason Mercier, PS Player, USA, 819000
Daniele Mazzia, Italy, 765000
Mikael Lundell, Sweden, 755000
Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 739000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PS Player, Germany, 718000
Martin Nielsen, Denmark, 653000
Samuel Chartier, Qualifier, Canada, 604000
Fintan Gavin, Qualifier, Ireland, 385000

2am: The players are taking a 15 minute break before starting the new level and playing down to a final eight.


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