EPT Barcelona : Level 25 continued

September 14, 2008

Play started today in level 25 after the tournament director Thomas Kremser altered the structure to give more play today. The blinds were pegged back slightly to 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 running ante. We play today until we have a new EPT Barcelona champion. Updates will be posted here level by level with the latest information at the top. Click refresh to update the page. You can also watch the action live on PokerStars.tv. Click HERE for prizewinners so far.

6.10pm — Martin Nielsen, Denmark, eliminated in eighth place, earning €119,000
And Jason Mercier puts the final nail in Martin Nielsen’s coffin, pocket tens again haunting the Dane. This time it’s Mercier who has them, and the American raises from early position. Nielsen re-raises all in from late position and Mercier calls. Nielsen has A-2 but can’t catch up and this time the tens are good, sending the former chip leader to the rail. One down.

_MG_0387_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Eighth place finisher Martin Nielsen

5.50pm — As a Danish flag appears in the background, slung over the barriers in support of Martin Nielsen, Dren Ukalla makes it 82,000 pre-flop from early position. Next to him is Jason Mercier who slides his stack into the middle of the table, 447,000 in all, and awaits his fate. It’s expected to return to Ukella but instead action stops with the Dane Nielsen who calls the all-in. Ukella gets out of their way for the showdown.

Nielsen is ahead, turning over pocket tens, with Mercier showing pocket sixes. Mercier needs help, especially on a flop of A-Q-2. His face fills the TV screens and a huge roar errupts as the six hits the turn. Mercier doubles up. He cannot help but laugh before apologising to Nielsen for his lucky break. EPT history still possible.

5.40pm: There are a few plays being made here, with Sebastian Ruthenberg, among others, prepared to mix it up with plainly substandard hands. Fintan Gavin called from the button (30,000) and Ruthenberg bumped it to 90,000. He then went into statue mode as Gavin went into chatterbox mode. Ruthenberg didn’t crack, even to give a count, end eventually Gavin folded claiming a highly-dubious pocket nines. Ruthenberg showed Q-4.

5.20pm — The first double up of the day falls to Italian Daniele Mazzia. He moved in for less than 300K and the action was folded to Dren Ukella who thought for a second before declaring himself all-in, intending to isolate Jason Mercier alongside. Mercier looked at his cards but folded them, pocket sevens. Mazzia had been standing up but returned to show his As-2h. For Ukella pocket tens, leaving the Italian needing an ace.

The flop comes 3d-9h-6h. That seemed harmless enough until the turn card, 8h, gave Mazzia a flush draw. He may have felt blessed when the river card Kh hit the board doubling him up.

5.10pm: A very strange hand ends up with Dren Ukella taking down a pot of close to 700,000. He raises under-the-gun, the first hand he has played this final table. Samuel Chartier, with four players to act behind him, flat calls, and Sebastian Ruthenberg, on the button, also calls. On the flop of Jd-Js-7c, Ukella bets 86,000 into a pot of 315,000 and both Chartier and Ruthenberg call behind him. The turn is the Qc and Ukella bets 106,000 into a 400,000+ pot, which again is called by Chartier. Ruthenberg gets out of the way. The innocuous 2s comes on the river and Ukella now bets a meagre 72,000, which is a mandatory call for Chartier. Ukella shows K-Q, for two pair queens and jacks, and that was good enough. Chartier mucks.

5pm: In a battle of the blinds, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Martin Nielsen, the two tournament big stacks, get involved in what is a mini-cooler. Ruthenberg makes up Nielsen’s big blind and they see a flop of Ac-Kh-2s. Check, check. The turn is 4c and Nielsen follows Ruthenberg’s check with a bet of 45,000. Calls. The river is the 9c and Ruthenberg checks again, prompting Nielsen to bet 75,000. Ruthenberg calls, showing K-9 for two pair, kings and nines. Nielsen’s K-4 is rivered.

4.52pm – The first bit of action on the day starts with PokerStars sponsored player Jason Mercier raises pre-flop from the cut-off, 73,000. The button folds leaving it up to the blinds. The small blind folds but Fintan Gavin in the big blind asks for a count. Mercier has 429K and Gavin starts to think, announcing “raise” and making it 190,000 more.

_MG_0420_Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars player Jason Mercier

Mercier rests his head on the table before sitting back up with a decision to make. He starts talking to Gavin by gets just a smile. “Every time I talk I give away information. I should just shut up!” jokes the Irishman.

But Mercier continues, trying to persuade Gavin to show if he folds, which Gavin is having none of. It’s an all-in or nothing decision for Mercier. The banter continues until he folds after Gavin agrees to show. The American flips over A-8 whilst the Irishman a less threatening T-6, telling Jason he thought he had pocket tens.

4.45pm — The first few hands have been raised and folded before the flop. Like a hitless first inning players are easing into the game.

4.40pm — Play is now under-way, with this bunch playing for the millions:

th_MG_0555_Neil Stoddart.jpg
EPT Barcelona final table line-up. From left to right: Martin Nielsen, Davidi Kitai, Daniele Mazzi, Samuel Chartier, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Jason Mercier, Dren Ukella. Note: Fintan Gavin absent.

4.30pm — Players have completed their pre-match obligations of interviews and photographs and are waiting for the order to shuffle up and deal.


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