EPT Barcelona: Level 27

September 14, 2008

We’re now in to level 27, with new blinds set at 25,000/50,000 with a running ante of 5,000. Click here for the latest prize winners, and for non-stop coverage of the final table don’t forget you can see it all on PokerStars.tv.

8pm: After Mazzai’s double up, he’s still been prepared to get his chips in and has picked up a few pots pre-flop by moving all in. Then two hands played out between Fintan Gavin and Davidi Kitai, which first profited the Belgian but then gave it all back to Gavin, and more. On the second one, Gavin raised from the button pre-flop, Kitai called from the big blind. The flop was 3s-4s-2s and Gavin bet 200,000, which was called by Kitai. On the turn of 10c, Gavin bet 400,000, and Kitai folded.

7.45pm: Two minutes, two all-ins. The first by Dren Ukella that went uncontested, the second by Danielle Mazzia who found a caller in Davidi Kitai. Q-T for the Italian, pocket tens for Kitai who only seemed to need to dodge a queen to eliminate the Italian. But it hasn’t proved that easy to dislodge Mazzia. The flop came 9-J-9 giving him an open ended straight draw and whilst the three on the turn didn’t help the eight on the river certainly did. Italians in the Casino erupted in cheers as their man doubled up. For Kitai dire straits.

7.30pm: Daniele Mazzia’s life support machine remains active. He and Davidi Kitai get it all in pre-flop and although Mazzia is the shorter stack and is dominated — A-K v A-8 — the board ends up showing two queens and two sixes meaning a chop with two pair, ace kicker.

7.10pm: The two short stacks are Daniel Mazzai and Davidi Kitai and each push all in a couple of times and get it through. Mazzai actually triples up his micro-stack on one occasion when his pair of nines is good against Jason Mercier’s ten-high and Sebastian Ruthenberg’s king high.

7pm — The new level starts with a frenetic few minutes for Daniele Mazzia and Davidi Kitai. Kitai moves in first but gets no takers. Mazzia tries a raise in the next but is re-raised all-in by Sebastian Ruthenberg and is forced to muck. So almost in retributution he moves in two hands in a row, the first being uncontested, the second being called by Kitai, the other short stack, who shows As-Ks. Mazzia shows pocket sevens. The J-2-J flop advances neither hand but the ace on the turn doubles up the Belgian and leave Mazzia very short.

6.40pm — Chip counts at the start of the new level

Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 497,000
Dren Ukella, Germany, 561,000
Jason Mercier, PokerStars player, United States, 1,141,000
Daniele Mazzia, Italy, 768,000
Finton Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland, 1,588,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars sponsored player, 1,677,000


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