EPT Barcelona: Level 28 updates

September 14, 2008

We’re now into level 28, with new blinds set at 30,000-60,000 with a running ante of 5,000. Click here for the latest prize winners, and for non-stop coverage of the final table don’t forget you can see it all on PokerStars.tv.

10.50pm — Players have returned and play resumes.

10.35pm — Players take a short break in play.

10.30pm — With four players remaining the chip counts are as follows:

Fintan Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland, 2,987,000
Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 1,265,000
Daniele Mazzia, Italy, 1,104,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars player, Germany, 796,000

10.21pm — Dren Ukella, PokerStars qualifier from Germany, is eliminated in fifth place, earning €290,000.
Fintan Gavin raised pre-flop and was called by Dren Ukella, for a flop of 9c-Th-2h. Dren checked to Fintan who wasted no time in making it 200,000 to go. Ukella announced “all-in” and Gavin’s pause suggested he might fold. But it was not so. He called, showing his Qd-9h for a pair, whilst Ukella showed Ah-4h for a nut flush draw. A seven on the turn and a ten on the river came, but neither in the form of a heart that Ukella needed. Four players remain.

10.10pm — Fintan Gavin and Sebastian Ruthenberg play out a sizeable pot with the honours this time going to the Irishman. Gavin makes it 160,000 to go and Ruthenberg calls. They see a flop of Kh-Qh-8c and Gavin bets 185,000. Sebastian calls. The turn is the 2c and and Gavin moves all in, having his opponent covered. This time Ruthenberg tanks, Gavin chatters, Ruthenberg says “Wow” and then passes a top pair king. Gavin also shows a king although no kickers were exposed.

9.55pm — Another all-in, this time Fintan Gavin calling the all-in of Dren Ukela. The Irishman showed K-T but it was unable to overcome Ukela’s A-K which held out despite a straight draw on the flop. A pot of 836,000 to the German.

_MG_0434_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Dren Ukala

9.45pm — Chip leader Fintan Gavin’s dinner tasted the best, but it was Daniel Mazzia’s that contained the pep pills. First hand back, he’s all in against Dren Ukella and the Italian has the German dominated. It’s ace-jack against jack-queen and the better hand stays that way through five streets. Mazzia is past a million, Ukella is down to half that and the blinds are massive.

8.35pm — And with that, they take a dinner break. These five players will return in an hour.

Fintan Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland, 2,419,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars player, Germany, 1,408,000
Dren Ukella, PokerStars qualifier, Germany, 1,099,000
Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 839,000
Daniele Mazzia, Italy, 458,000

Internet connection permitting, so will we.

8.30pm — For the second consecutive hand, Davidi Kitai moved all in pre-flop and Fintan Gavin thought about it, stating that he had “a good gambling hand.” He said “I think I have to call,” but then didn’t and was shown 6-6. Fintan returned the compliment and showed Q-J; they would have been racing.

8.20pm — Chip counts after Jason Mercier’s elimination:

Fintan Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland, 2,425,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars player, Germany, 1,564,000
Dren Ukella, PokerStars qualifier, Germany, 1,015,000
Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 764,000
Daniele Mazzia, Italy, 464,000

8.15pm — Jason Mercier, PokerStars player from the United States, eliminated in sixth place earning €227,000
After sucking out once today with an underpair (sixes against Daniel Nielsen’s tens), Jason Mercier’s tournament life again depended on winning an unlikely race. This time he had sevens against Fintan Gavin’s tens, but this time he couldn’t find the two-outer. The search for our first two-time EPT champion continues.


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