There’s some confusion as to what precise level we’re playing, since the tournament director Thomas Kremser has tinkered with the blind structure to allow more play. The key fact, though, is that we’re playing blinds of 40,000-80,000 with an 8,000 ante. Click here for the latest prize winners, and for non-stop coverage of the final table don’t forget you can see it all on

Chips counts as the blinds go up to 50,000/100,000 with an 8,000 ante.
Finton Gavin, PokerStars qualifier, Ireland, 3,477,000
Sebastian Ruthenberg, PokerStars sponsored player, Germany, 1,636,0
Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 999,000

11.30pm – Sebastian Ruthenberg moves all-in, finding a hand he can call Fintan Gavin with, showing pocket tens to the Irishman’s As-7h. The board came 9h-3s-Qc-4s-2s, bringing now help to Gavin as Ruthenberg doubles up, raising his arms and allowing himself a quick smile.

11.08pm — Daniel Mazzai, Italy, eliminated in fourth place, earning €351,000
Danielle Mazzia’s exit was inevitable but came only after he dodged a string of unfavourable all-ins to finish an impressive fourth. He watched as Sebastian Ruthenberg called on the button, watched as Davidi Kitai check from the small blind before he moved in. the other two came along and whilst there was a side pot the hand was checked down to the river. A board of Jd-Qh-Th-Ac-8s. Mazzia had made two pair, queens and eights, but Ruthenberg had that topped, showing J-9 for a queen high straight. We’re three-handed.

11.05pm — Daniele Mazzai takes a huge hit when he plays a two million chip pot against Davidi Kitai, armed with pocket nines. They get it all in pre-flop and Kitai showed tens — the hand of the final table so far. This time they hold up and the Italian player is down to the very felt beneath his finger nails. Still, he has been here before.

11pm — The very steep blinds mean that there is not a great deal of play left in this one, even four handed. Expect fireworks.


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