EPT Barcelona: Seiver and Watson in final ten of €2k, round three of €10k HU

August 22, 2012


We’ve said it before and I’ll wager that we’ll say it again, but this is truly a festival of poker. There are currently four or five tournament going on with the main event the Ferris wheel around which everything else rotates. Dotted around the room are other attractions, including the €10,000 Heads Up Championship and the much-loved €2,000 side event. Big names feature strongly in both.

Scott Seiver is towards the top of the chip counts with 405,000, above the average 313,000 with the blinds going up to 5,000-10,000 when they come back from their dinner break. Michael ‘SirWatts’ Watson is one of the shorter stacks but given that he came third in the €50,000 Super High Roller for €399,500 just a few days ago you’ve got to say things are going pretty well for him.

NEIL9838_James_Hartigan_And_Joe_Stapleton_EPT9BAR_Neil Stoddart.jpg

EPT Live ringmaster James Hartigan (tall) and clown Joe Stapleton (not so tall)

Seiver was one of the 55 players that came for the event and was one of the 47 who came out of it in the hole. Meh, as the online kids say. It’s just a €50,000 buy-in. Surely that must change your attitude for the rest of the festival?

‘I feel like it doesn’t change my attitude but I think that’s a personal strength of mine. You’ve got to remember that you’re playing hundreds of tournaments a year and if you look in any narrow window it’s always going to feel that way so you’ve always got to take it one tournament at a time,’ said Seiver.

The American is letting his chips do the talking and isn’t too far behind chip leader Walid Bou Habib (580,000) in the hunt for the $141,800 first place prize.

Other high rollers looking to add to their tournament winnings are battling it out in the €10,000 Heads Up Championships where round two and three are running concurrently. The winners of round three will book their place into the semi-final guaranteeing themselves a €38,000 payout. The final, a best of five, has €91,000 for second and €136,000 for first.

Round three draw
Jonathan Duhamel v Terje Augdal
Dan Smith v (Rui Cao or Samuli Sipila)
(JC Alvarado and Justin Bonomo) v (Juha Lauttamus or Jacob Rasmussen)
(Marc-Andre Ladouceur or Raffaele Gerbi) v (Juha Helppi or Steven Silverman)


JC Alvarado (left) and Juha Helppi in the €10k Heads Up

UPDATE: Seiver made the final table and is now happily chatting away to Smith who’s waiting for his quarter final bout. Watson was the player to be sent to the rail.

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