EPT Barcelona: Solve the puzzle, admire the field

September 05, 2009


What is it about day 1b? Why does it always attract so many more players than the first day one? Plenty of people will no doubt give different answers — everything from superstition to momentum to saving a night’s hotel accommodation — but the simple fact is that there’s always what seems to be a much tougher field on day 1b than earlier. That’s just the way it is.


Proof? You want proof? Well, here’s a little game to do just that. Match the players to their descriptions. It’s easy. Even you can do it.

A) Canadian superstar, Team PokerStars Pro, answers to Kid Poker
B) 2008 World Series of Poker Champion, Team PokerStars Pro, likes watermelon for breakfast
C) World-record holder of most consecutive sit and goes. PCA champion, WPT champion, champion, champion, champion, etc.
D) Known as the Flying Dutchman. Plays poker better than he can sing.
E) Former tennis star. Now a PokerStars SportsStar. “Gentlemen.”
F) EPT Copenhagen champion, season one. Team PokerStars Pro stalwart.
G) Involved in a famous 2008 duel at the Rio with (B). Russian Team PokerStars Pro. Only player to appear on final tables of WSOP and WSOP-E.
F) Pint-sized, but formidable Italian pro. Will either have 900,000 chips by the time you’re reading this, or will be out.
G) EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final champion 2009.
H) EPT Grand Final High Roller Champion. Team PokerStars Pro from the United States.
I) A new Team PokerStars Holland Pro. Five EPT cashes, including two final tables.
J) Another Dutch Team PokerStars Pro. Made the final table of the $40,000 World Series event this year. Answers to RaSZi.

…. my word, this is taking longer than I thought ….

K) Massive online player from the UK. Known as “rivermanl”
L) Simply massive — about 6ft7in or something. German pro.
M) Another formidable German player. Became only the second woman to win an EPT (in Dortmund on season five).
N) Young American player, third at this tournament on season three. Took down a side event in Kyiv last month.
O) Globetrotting EPT season one sensation. Won in Deauville, came second in Monte Carlo. Has spent the past five years enjoying the ride.
P) One for the Frenchies: he’s a rapper known as Kool Shen.
Q) Spanish Team Pro. Spent yesterday talking on a radio show; today back to where he belongs around the baize.
R) Team PokerStars Pro from Russia. World Series final table player. The best starer in poker.
S) Julian Thew.

So, who are they?

1) Laurence Houghton
2) Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier
3) Julian Thew
4) Noah Boeken
5) Daniel Negreanu
6) Ivan Demidov
7) Lex Veldhuis
8) Peter Eastgate
9) Greg Dyer
10) Ben Kang
11) Juan Manuel Pastor
12) Marcel Luske
13) Vanessa Rousso
14) Brandon Schaefer
15) Boris Becker
16) Thierry Van Den Berg
17) Sandra Naujoks
18) Bruno Lopes
19) Alex Kravchenko

Answers. Hold your monitor upside down.
3-ɹ ;11-b ;81-d ;41-o ;9-u ;71-ɯ ;01-l ;1-ʞ ;7-ɾ ;61-ı ;31-ɥ ;6-ƃ ;4-ɟ ;51-ǝ ;21-p ;2-ɔ ;8-q ;5-ɐ


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