EPT Barcelona: The Noah post

September 05, 2009

Consider this to be the “Noah post.” It comes around at most EPTs when the young Dutch Team PokerStars Pro reaches the brink of something great. Sometimes it ends badly, while other times it’s a high octane superlative adventure requiring air sickness pills and a big bag for his chips.

Today (I might ruin it all just saying this) looks like being the latter type. Boeken played five levels today before winning a pot, tweeting the news during a five minute spell pulling G’s to catch up. At his peak today he was up to more than 103,000 while now it’s pegged back a little to 85,000, a chunk just dispatched across the table to Anton Morgenstern. But the confidence last seen during his long haul route to 96th place finish in the World Series main event looks to be back.

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Elsewhere, to paraphrase the great man Nelly, the temperature is rising in the tournament area. An older man in gold Elvis glasses discovered this when his all-in on a straight draw couldn’t topple the aces of Maria Maceiras. Maceiras herself had been on the up before losing some, but nothing on the scale of Pieter de Korver, busting with pocket tens again pocket kings. You can’t lose more than that.


Noah Boeken

Room to move is now zero. One man with a big belly tries it though, edging further and further into what little space there is between tables, checking in with a friend still playing before edging his way back, parting chairs on the way. Another player with a stain on his shirt patrols the floor in his socks.


Lex Veldhuis

Daniel Negreanu talks to Lex Veldhuis, the rough chip leader right now, about how it’s impossible to drink a gallon of milk. He didn’t say over what time frame but he seemed certain and no one argued. Negreanu keeps typing something into his Blackberry. You might want to keep an eye on his twitter to find out what.

We’re into the final level of the day.


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