EPT Barcelona: The vision behind the EPT champions Slyde by HD3 watch

August 25, 2012


You’ll almost certainly have seen or heard about the new Slyde by HD3 watch that will be gifted to each EPT main event champion: images of the flash timepiece, which is worth €5,480, have been splashed across the digital displays in the EPT tournament room room and across this blog for the best part of two weeks.

Okay, the remaining players in the main event might be focussing on the €1,007,550 first place prize but come the winning shot they’ll find themselves in possession of an exclusive, new wave timepiece.

We caught up with Jorg Hysek Jr from HD3 to ask how the watch was put together. Hysek’s father, Jorg Hysek snr, who has been a name in the Swiss watch industry for 40 years, set up HD3 (Hysek Design 3) with two favoured designers in 2002. It initially launched as a boutique, high end watchmaker producing 30 pieces a year per model with an average price tag of $100,000. That’s collector territory, right there.

‘We thought why not bring something new to the industry? Everything has been done so why not use a new technology? Why not use touch screen? These days everyone is used to using it with iPhones and iPads. Why not bring that but not in a gadget or gimmicky way, but high-end,’ said Hysek.


Jorg Hysek jr

Being designers rather than outright watchmakers allowed HD3 a perfect segue way into this new frontier of technology. HD3 began a three-year period of research and design focussing on keeping the watch as a functional, stylish timepiece that allowed for personalisation. The Slyde watch was successfully launched last year.

‘We didn’t have any boundaries. We were the rare ones of the industry that could actually do it because we weren’t just ‘real’ watchmakers. They (competitors) were shocked when they saw what we’d created,’ said Hysek.


Slyde by HD3

The watch has personalised faces that can slide (obviously) upon two axis and can be customised by downloadable HD3 software with different designs and images, just as the EPT champions Slyde watches have been.

So, apart from EPT winners, what kind of people usually buy a Slyde watch?

‘They’re watch lovers who may already have five or six watches and are looking for something matching the new epoch. We’re creating a new path. You choose what’s in your watch and that’s what defines you,’ said Hysek.

is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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