Play is under way in the final of the EPT Budapest.

These are the updates for level 24, where the blinds are 15,000-30,000 with a running 2,000 ante. The PokerStars blog will provide level by level updates.

3.53pm: Albert Iversen from Denmark, eliminated in fourth place for €153,216
Albert Iversen moves in again for 317,000 a hand later and this time William Fry calls. Iversen shows 9s-7s but Fry is ahead with pocket eights. The board runs out 5d-Kc-Ts-7h-6c and the Dane is eliminated.

3.50pm: Worth a try
Albert Iversen moves all in but gets no takers.

3.45pm: Clubbed
William Fry opens under the gun for 65,000 and only Albert Iversen calls from the big blind. The flop comes 10c-4c-Kc and both players check. The turn is the Ac and after Iversen checks, Fry bets, which Iversen calls. The river is the 4s, which both players check, and Fry shows 8c-7s for the 8-high flush, which is good.

3.30pm: Marino Serenelli of Italy, eliminated in fifth place for €127,680
Marino Serenelli raises pre-flop to 85,000 which William Fry re-raises by another 135,000. Serenelli called for a flop of 7h-Qh-6s. Now the Italian checks before Fry bets again, 90,000 this time which is called once more. The turn card 2d is checked by Serenlli. Fry moves all-in with Jh-6d and Serenelli calls with 8d-5s on a draw. The river card 7d cannot bail out the Italian and he is eliminated in fifth place.

3.25pm: Chip leader continues to charge
After significant pre- and post-flop action, Ciprian Hrisca put Albert Iversen to the test for his tournament life looking at 6d-Ah-5d-Kh. Iversen thinks for an age before folding and his Romanian adversary flashes a jack, whatever that indicates. Hrisca scoops a pot of a couple of hundred thousand and consolidates his chip lead.
3.15pm: Small pot to Fry
William Fry opens the pot from early position and Ciprian Hrisca bumps it up. Everyone gets out the way, but Fry calls and they see a flop of 4s-4c-Jc. Check, check. The turn is 2h and Fry bets 30,000; Hrisca calls. The river is 6c and Fry’s bet of 60,000 finally scares the Romanian away.

3.10pm: Serenelli sense
Albert Iversen raises pre-flop and Marino Serenelli re-raises, scaring everyone away and taking the pot, showing pocket queens.

3.05pm: Play resumes with a double up
William Fry doubles up, moving all-in behind a raise from Martin Jacobsen and a call by Albert Iversen. Jacobsen stuck around to call the 503K move and showed As-Ks to Fry’s pocket nines. A third nine landed on the flop, keeping Fry alive.

2.45pm: Break time
Players take a five minute break. There are five of them remaining, with the following chips:

Martin Jacobson – 1,302,000
Albert Iversen – 955,000
Ciprian Hrisca – 767,000
William Fry – 506,000
Marino Serenelli – 402,000

2.40pm: Gino Alacqua eliminated in sixth place, earning €100,016
Three-way action results in the elmination of the Italian Gino Alacqua. Ciprian Hrisca opens under the gun and Alacqua moves all in over the top for 272,000 more. One the button, Albert Iversen flat calls and the two blinds get out of the way. Action comes back to the original raiser, who calls. The flop is Jh-8c-10h and Iversen bets 250,000 into the side-pot, which Hrisca calls. The turn is Js and both players check. The river is 9h and it goes check, check again. At showdown, Iversen shows aces, Hrisca shows A-Q and Alacqua shows A-10. Iversen’s aces have been outdrawn by Hrisca’s A-Q, which has made a straight. Alacqua was always behind and never caught up and is now out.

_MG_9463Neil Stoddart.jpg
Gino Alacqua

Jacobsen and Iversen tangle in huge pot
2.35pm – Albert Iversen raises and it’s folded back to Martin Jacobsen who re-raised to 230,000. Iversen makes the call for a 500,000 pot. The flop comes 5s-4h-6d which both players check. The turn is a 9c and while Jacobsen checks Iversen makes it 110,000. After considerable thought Jacobsen calls for a river card Tc. Again Jacobsen checks and again Iversen raises to 140,000. This time Jacobsen folds, conceding a pot worth 700,000.


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