EPT Concierge at your service in Monaco

April 29, 2013

We’re just a week away from the kick off of the EPT Grand Final in Monaco, and the EPT Concierge service is looking for ways to make you happy.

If you’re on your way to Monaco next week, here’s a quick menu of just a few things that will be on offer.


EPT Concierge has set up a special airport transfer service from the Nice airport to Monaco. Click on THIS LINK to book your taxi now at these prices:

  • Nice Airport to Monte Carlo 1-3 people: €85
  • Nice Airport to Monte Carlo 4-7 people: €95
  • Monte Carlo to Nice Airport 1-3 people: €85
  • Monte Carlo to Nice Airport 4-7 people: €95


    Want the trip to be even faster? You can’t beat the views and the speed of a helicopter from Nice to Monaco. Trust me on this one. I’ve done it several times, and it’s worth the extra few dollars. You can book at THIS LINK for these prices.

    Nice / Monaco one-way : €130
    Monaco / Nice one-way : €120


    Now this…oh, yes. This. This is just the bee’s knees. Want to drive a Ferrari on the French Riviera roads? Of course, you do. You can pay a little and ride along or pay a little more and drive yourself.

    15 minutes as a co-pilot: 79 euros
    15 minutes as a pilot: 134 euros

    30 minutes as a co-pilot: 169 euros
    30 minutes as a pilot: 229 euros

    1 hour as a co-pilot: 290 euros
    1 hour as a pilot: 409 euros


    Add €60 to the price, and you’ll get a video of your trip. EPT Concierge can also set up group rates if you have more than 10 people who want to come along. For more information or to book this activity, please contact EPT Concierge by email: info@eptconcierge.com

    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

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