EPT Copenhagen: Day 2, level 9 and 10 (600-1,200 100 ante)

February 18, 2010


4.44pm: Lodden bluffed?
In the very last hand of the level Johnny Lodden raised from early position to 2,800 and then called Danny Neess’ three-bet to 7,700 from the small blind. The flop came down 2♦3♠10♣ and Lodden called a Neess c-bet of 6,500. Nees led again on the 7♦ turn to the value of 16,600 and Lodden called again albeit with a little more thought this time. The river came 5♦ and Neess “emptied the clip” with a 32,500 bet. Lodden thought for three or four minutes and in front of a gathering crowd he ……folded adding “Nice bluff.” Lodden on 63,000 chips. –MC

Players on a 15 minute break. –MC

4.42pm:Snippet of info
Martin Sjelle doubling-up to 44,000 through Alfio Battisti. All went in on the A-10-7 flop with the former holding pocket tens to the latter’s pocket sevens.

4.40pm: Rossen feeling flat
Professional singer/turned theatre director Stig Rossen is down to 24,000. He’d lost a succession of hands today, and this one set him back once more when he called Lasse Wormsborg’s 15,000 all-in. Wormsborg had J♥J♣ and they further improved on Rossen’s A♥8♥ when the board ran 6♣J♠10♦Q♣7♦. — SY

4.35pm: Mattern on the comeback trail
Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern, who suffered a set back earlier on, is splashing around in safer waters once more. On this hand he made it 3,100 pre-flop and got re-raised to 10,600 from Henrik Lund. Mattern wasted no time in moving all-in – and Lund called.

Mattern: A♣K♦
Lund: A♦J♣

The board ran 7♦Q♠10♠10♥2♦ and Mattern eliminated Lund, pushing his own stack up to around 75,000 in the process. — SY

4.30pm: No win for Brolin
Thomas Brolin opened for 3,200 from the button. Tim Pedersen, who more than once has caused problems for those at his table, raised to 10,200 from the small blind. The action was back on Brolin who called for a flop of 3♠7♥6♠.

Pedersen looked at Brolin in the seat next to him, the Swede leaning back, arms folded, eyes hidden behind a big square pair of black sunglasses, the type you’d expect to be given out to soldiers at a Nevada testing site.

Pedersen bet 13,000 which Brolin seemed content to call, although it’s possible he can’t actually see through the glasses and thought he was raising. Both checked the A♥ turn before Pedersen made it 11,000 to play on the Q♦ river. Brolin called showing K♠K♣ but Pedersen had him beat with A♦J♥. A long sigh from Brolin, down to 50,000, while Pedersen is now close to 200,000. — SB.

4.25pm: Sumpas on the rise
Kristoffer Thorsson is the chip leader here, with about 210,000. He had tens against kings for a monster pot, but otherwise the newly crowned “Rookie of the Year” has just been doing what he does increasingly brilliantly: play A1 poker. — HS


Kristoffer Thorsson

4.20pm: From a very cold place
Halldor Sverrisson frequently flies the Icelandic flag alone on the EPT. He’s one of only a very small handful of players from all the way up there who regularly thaw out in places such as Copenhagen in February.

But these (relatively) tropical climes are clearly to his liking. Sverrisson has just moved through the 100,000 mark and eliminated Fredrik Nygard in the process. Here’s how that one played out:

Sverrisson opened to 2,800 and Nygard called from the button. The flop was 8♥8♦9♣ and Sverrisson bet 3,600, which Nygard called. The turn was J♣ and Sverrisson continued the aggression, betting 7,700. Nygard now snapped into action and moved all in, for about 25,000.

Sverrisson was going nowhere and called instantly, tabling Q♣Q♥. Ngard had outs with his J♦Q♠ but the 8♣ on the river was not one of them. Nygard heads back to his own patch near the Arctic Circle (Finland). Sverrisson is hanging round here for a good deal longer. — HS

4.17pm: Video, video!
Not that you could ever possibly tire of reading our pearls of wisdom, but just to give you a little break in which to watch some moving pictures, here’s the video team’s look at the start of today’s play… — SY

Watch EPT Copenhagen 2010: Day 2 Introduction on PokerStars.tv

4.15pm: Football (soccer) talk
Tony Cascarino is a decent poker player. He used to be a great footballer as well, playing for Chelsea, Marseilles and representing Ireland at international level. So when I happened to wander past sporting my beloved Ipswich Town FC top, he just had to ask…

“So what’s happening at Ipswich, then? How long has Keane got left?” He was referring to Roy Keane, the Ipswich manager who was famous as a player at Manchester United and Ireland. Trouble is, and this is painful for me to write, Ipswich are rubbish this season and flirting with relegation. Oh, the embarrassment.

“I sense the fans are beginning to turn against him,” I said to Cascarino.

“So he may be gone in a few days?” Cascarino asked as he studied his two cards and moved all in for 13,500. I waited as Cascarino got a call from Mads Wissing. A♥K♣ for Cascarino, A♣10♣ for Wissing. Cascarino’s hand held up, and he shot up to 28,000.

“Well let’s just say it looks like you’ll last longer than Roy Keane,” I said.

It got worse for me a few moments later when Luca Pagano inquired about Ipswich’s fortunes. “When was the last time you won anything?” he asked.

Sigh. “Nearly 30 years,” I said.

“Oh dear,” he added. — SY

4.10pm: Tenor for Rossen
Stig Rossen opened with a raise from the cut-off and was called by Freddy Deeb to go to a 6♦Q♣6♣ flop. Deeb led out for 3,200 and was quickly called by Rossen. The turn came 3♦ and Deeb led again, this time for 3,500 and he was quickly called once more. The river came 10♥ and both players checked it down. Deeb revealed 3♠5♥ and Rossen revealed 10♣9♣. The diminutive figure of Deeb in trouble now with 18,300. Rossen doing better on 38,000 but will need to play a higher tune soon.

4pm: Skampa scuppered
Jan Skampa is out. After Jens Sundberg opened for 3,000 from under the gun Skampa re-raised only for Bahram Beleiverdi to re-raise again, 14,000 in total from the big blind. Sundberg passed but Skampa moved all in for marginally more, getting an instant call – Q♦Q♠ for Skampa, an emphatically turned over K♦K♥ for Beleiverdi. The board ran 5♥6♠3♦8♣9♣ giving the pot to Beleiverdi and eliminating Skampa. — SB

3.55pm: Mattsson the mathematician
Stefan Mattsson just made what looked to be a “mathematical” laydown, asking the dealer to spread the pot, rolling his eyes a little as his lips went through silent calculations.

The hand had played out like this: Mattsson opened to 2,600 and Lee Gaines made it 6,300 from the small blind. Mattsson called. The flop was 2♦J♣2♣ and Gaines bet 7,400, which Mattsson called. The turn was 9♣ and Gaines asked for a count of Mattsson’s chips. The Swede had about 25,000 left.

Gaines processed that information by betting 35,000 – or more than Mattsson could afford. Mattsson then went into calculation mode and eventually determined that he could fold. He let it go and Gaines chipped up; Mattsson still has that 25,000 left. — HS

3.50pm: To bet and to bond
Annette Obrestad and Anton Wigg seem to have been going at each other a lot today. After a hand played out between the two of them they opened up about what they were holding just then and in previous encounters.

“I had kings that time you three-betted,” said Obrestad “But what am I supposed to do on an ace-jack-x flop? Everything got there”.

In the hand that just played out Obrestad claimed she had queen-jack suited and Wigg claimed to be holding ace-queen. The action had got to the river with the board showing 3♠6♣J♦6♠2♥ and around 18,000 in the middle. Obrestad led for 15,300 and Wigg folded but only after a third party had called the clock on him. That left Obrestad on 78,000. — MC

3.45pm: Big hand, little pot
Jasper Wetemans moved all in for his last 1,000 and Henrik Sorensen raised to 3,600. Everyone else got out of the way. Wetemans turned over 5♣6♦ and was behind Sorensen’s K♦J♦.

Things got much worse for the all-in player when the board ran 10♥3♦A♣Q♦8♣ to make Sorensen the nut straight. “You are very good at this game,” joked Luca Pagano as Sorensen bagged up his little pot. — SY

3.40pm: ElkY power
We caught up with table 28 to find the familiar sight of Team PokerStars Pro ElkY raising, this time with a 2,300 bet pre-flop. In the small blind Stefan Mattsson made it 6,700 and ElkY called.

On the A♥3♣6♠ flop Mattsson bet 8,200 – call. Then on the A♣ turn Mattson checked but ElkY was in no mood to slow down, putting out 14,200. Mattsson, with only around 35,000 left behind, thought better of it and passed. ElkY is up to around 140,000. — SY

3.35pm: Double ups
Two all-ins on table 26, within a hand of each other.

First Nicolo Calia opened for 2,800 from under the gun. Christian Togsverd called and, when the action reached him, Cornel Cimpan in the big blind announced “raise”, 12,000 more. Calia then moved all in with A♥A♠. While Togsverd folded, Calia called with Q♦Q♣. The board ran out 2♥K♥2♣10♣5♥ moving Calia up to 55,000 while Cimpan slumped a little to 40,000.

Then Anders Jensen opened to 2,500 from under the gun. James Bowey was on the button when the action was folded to him and raised to 8,000.

“How much?” asked Jensen.
“36,000,” replied Bowey.
“36,000? I’m all in,” said Jensen.
“Call,” replied Bowey who promptly turned over A♥A♣.

“Nice call,” said another player. He was up against Jensen’s Q♥A♠. The board ran out 2♦8♣8♦6♥Q♠. Bowey moves up to 95,000 while Jensen wallows around the 20,000 mark. — SB.

3.30pm: Juha Helppi himself to more chips
Juha Helppi raised to 2,600 from early position and was called by Martin El-Kher two seats along. Helppi continued his aggression on the 2♦4♠10♥ flop with a 4,000 bet and was called by the Dane.


Juha Helppi

Helppi slowed to a check on the 9♣ turn and faced a 6,800 bet. Quickly he slid over a big stack of yellows totaling 45,000 which was enough to cover his opponent. El-Kher had the look of a boy who slid his head in between railings because he thought it was a good idea but then realised he was stuck. He was certainly stuck in this pot and made the call with A♦Q♥. The river came J♠ and he was out. Helppi up to 170,000. — MC

LEVEL UP! We’re into level 10, with blinds of 600-1,200, 100 ante.

3.25pm: Hidden chips
Arnaud Mattern lost a 40,000 pot when he thought he was playing for half as much. He raised with Q♠J♠ and was called by Henrik Lund in the small blind with A♥2♥. The flop came down with the 9♥10♥ and when Lund checked Mattern thought he bet enough to put his opponent all in. He didn’t though as Lund had two 5,000 chips hidden behind his stack and had enough to raise. Mattern called but lost the hand, ruing those concealed chips. — MC

3.20pm: More about Johnny Lodden
He’s at it again. Lodden and Martin Sjelle were the only two involved and the board was out all the way to the river: 8♣4♠10♥8♥3♦. Sjelle bet 6,500 but Lodden made it 20,000 pretty quickly. Sjelle dwelled for a long while before calling, only to be shown A♠8♠ by Lodden. “I had nines,” said Sjelle. “I thought it was sevens,” Lodden said. “You played it like sevens.”


Johnny Lodden and Dario Minieri

Dario Minieri tapped the table to Lodden’s left and said: “Nice play.” But Minieri will be as aware as any that Lodden with chips is anything but “nice” for the rest of this field. The Norwegian now has about 75,000. — HS

3.20pm: Air beats air beats air. Probably
Here’s how poker is played in Scandinavia. Anders Beckman raised to 2,500 under-the-gun and Torsten Christensen called on the button, as did Alexander Ivarsson in the big blind. The flop came 4♦8♦Q♥ and Ivarsson and Beckman both checked, encouraging Christensen to bet 4,700. Ivarsson raised to 15,000, the original raiser Beckman folded, but Christensen raised again, making it 30,000. Ivarsson folded. I’m not too proud to admit that I haven’t a clue what any of them might have had, although would put air, air and air as the odds-on favourite. — HS

3.15pm: Lodden picks one off
Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden started this one with a bet of 2,600, called by Bahram Beleiverdi a couple of seats to his left (Dario Minieri is sandwiched between these two, but decided to take a rare hand off). On the A♦3♦9♠ flop Lodden bet 3,300, the Beleiverdi made it 8,500. Call. On the 10♠ turn Lodden checked and Beleiverdi bet 8,500.

Lodden then went in to the tank and came out moving all in, but it was only for around 10,000 more to Beleiverdi. Despite that, the Dane mucked, and Lodden picked up a pot to send up to a slightly more workable 36,000.

A word of praise for Lodden. In case you missed it, he bagged up at the end of Day 1A here – then went straight to his room to play in the PokerStars $1,000 buy-in Super Tuesday, where he spent the night playing to an excellent third place for just under $50,000! — SY

3.10pm: Deeb down but not out
A quick word on Freddy Deeb: he’s down to around 20,000, half his starting stack. We did not see the little accident he must have had in the early skirmishes. — SY


Freddy Deeb

3.05pm: Mads Wissing mad
Tim Pedersen and Mads Wissing just went head to head, a match up that started when Pedersen opened for 2,700 which Wissing called.

On the flop of J♥A♥4♥ Pedersen bet 3,700 which Wissing called. Now a 2♠ turn card. Another 6,300 from Pedersen. Wissing looked again at his cards, rubbed his eye and raised to 20,000. Pedersen didn’t move, just stared at the board, eventually calling for a Q♠ on the river.

Now Pedersen checked. With everyone watching Wissing assembled a bet of all colours, peeling off chips from each of the short towers in front of him, 28,600 in total.

Pedersen made an “ooh” noise, scratching the back of his head. Wissing was casually gazing around the room as Pedersen stared at him, wanting a confession. Call.

2♥2♣ for Wissing.
K♥10♠ for Pedersen and a winning straight.

Now it was time for Wissing to make the noises, bolting from his chair, a bad smell expression on his face as he said a few things that he may not have had any control over. It took him a minute to calm down. Or to return to his chair at least. He didn’t look calm. — SB.

3pm: Toft’s reluctant fold
There was 33,000 in the middle already, and on the J♦10♣A♦Q♣ board, Stefan Raffey checked and Casper Toft bet 12,500. Raffey then sprung his trap, re-raising all-in for around 40,000. Toft did not like that one bit, getting the award for the loudest and longer sigh of the tournament so far. He folded.

This is a table to watch, featuring as it does these two, Sebastian Ruthenburg, Martin Wendt and Sami Kelopuro. — SY

2.55pm: Rossen in tune, but doubles up Laccinelli
The Danish star of the London musical stage, Stig Rossen, just made Riccardo Lacchinelli’s day a little Les(s) Miserable(s) by doubling up the Italian in level one. There was about 15,000 in the pot pre-flop and then a flop of Q♥4♠9♣ came down. Lacchinelli moved all in for 9,700 and Rossen couldn’t really fold, especially holding A♥Q♠. But he seemed reluctant, almost as though he suspected he was behind, and his radar was working well: Laccinelli had A♦A♠ and faded another queen to get himself back in it. Mama mia! — HS

2.50pm: Jack the lad
You need some luck to win a tournament. You need a lot of luck to win a tournament if you come back on day 2 with a short stack. Stephan Kjaerstad started today with 35,200 chips but is up to 73,000 after using up a chunk of his luck. He got the last of his chips in with pocket jacks and ran into an opponent holding pocket queens but he spiked a jack to make a set and take the pot.

On a separate topic; Soren Jensen’s seat is now vacant. He must have busted the next time he got his chips in the middle

2.45pm: Ace ten good from start to finish
Jonathan Spinks called a pre-flop raise from the big-stacked Martin Mortensen and the two of them saw a flop of 3♠8♥4♥. Mortensen led for 3,500 and Spinks called. And then Mortensen bet another 6,200 on the 2♣ turn. Spinks called again. The river brought 4♣ and Mortensen feigned to bet but eventually checked, allowing Spinks to check behind. The British player waited for Mortensen to table his A♠9♠ (ace high, nine kicker), before showing his A♥10♥. The flush draw missed, but the ten played. Ace high wins. — HS

2.40pm: Soren man
Runner-up from two years ago, Soren Jensen, has just doubled-up in typically vocal fashion. The action folded around to Pieter Jong in the small blind and he raised to 10,000. Jensen was in the big blind and moved in for 11,000 with Q♣J♥. Jong made the call with 9♠8♣ and the board ran J♦A♥K♥10♠3♦.

The whole of the way through the hand Jensen was out of his chair yelling in Danish. “Soren man” and something about hitting a queen (I think) were all heard whilst he slapped his hands together. Hand over: Jensen sat back down quietly and stacked his chips.

2.35pm: Another table for the purists
This is a pretty tasty little line-up too: Dario Minieri, Jan Skampa and Alfio Battisti all on the same table. They have plenty of history together: Minieri and Battisti are good friends and the Team PokerStars Pro railed/coached Battisti all the way to second place in Warsaw this season, claiming “I’m Mickey and he’s Rocky.” Skampa, well, he’s unlikely to be frightened by either of them. — HS

2.30pm: From Sebastian to Stefan to Pieter
Sebastian Ruthenberg three-bet to 7,200 from the button, over the top of an early position opener. That might normally have been strong enough had it not been for Stefan Raffey in the cut off. Raffey made it 18,300 and that was good enough.

A couple of hands later, however, it was Raffey being bullied. He opened to 2,800 from the hijack and Pieter Kouijzer moved all in from the button for 24,500. Fold.

With Sami Kelopuro and Martin Wendt also on that table, this is going to be fun. — HS

2.25pm: If I were a rich man
If I got a dollar for each time I have witnessed a cry of ‘all-in’ in the first stages of a poker tournament day 2, I’d be a wealthy man. But I don’t get a dollar, and I’m certainly not a wealthy man. It’s a shame, as just now on table 17 I would have made an easy two bucks.

Jan Djerberg kicked things off by opening for 3,000, but then Pascal Hartmann made my first notional dollar by announcing all-in for 15,600. It was folded around to Yngve Andersen on the big blind, who now doubled the money I won’t get by re-raising all-in for a total of 28,300.

Back to Djerberg, who was not so confident now. He folded. So it was a straight showdown:

Hartmann: J♣J♥
Andersen: A♥K♦

A nice race to get the day started, and it was Andersen who won when the board ran A♥9♣4♥6♦5♣. Hartmann has a day free for sightseeing, Andersen up to around 54,000, and I am no richer. Nor is Djerberg… “I folded pocket nines,” he said. — SY

2.20pm: Kofoed early on the attack
Kristian Kofoed and Juha Helppi both made decent late runs in their respective day ones, and both locked horns early today. Kofoed raised pre-flop, and then called a Helppi re-raise. On the 8♠9♠J♣ Kofoed checked and then called when Helppi made it 10,300 from the button. Both slowed down on the 6♦ turn, but on the 4♠ river it was Kofoed he took the initiative, betting 18,700. That was too much for Helppi. — SY

2.15pm: First of the all-ins
Perhaps not surprisingly the first all-ins have begun. Jasper Wetemans moved all in for what looked to be around 13,000. Two seats along say Henrik Sorensen who called, showing K♣K♥. That seemed better than Wetemans’s A♠K♦ but only until the flop: A♥10♣2♠. Sorensen shook his head then, again on the 6♠ turn and one last time on the 7♥ river. He’s down to 20,000. For Wetemans more like 30,000. — SB.

2.10pm: Proper hands
Ruben Visser is on the same table as ElkY, who is on the same table as Stefan Mattsson. That’s going to be fun. During the first few hands, ElkY made it 2,200 from early position – expect to see a lot of that – and only Jussi Hietaranta called. The flop came 5♥5♣9♣ and ElkY led 2,700 at it, tossing in the chips as though it was something entirely pre-meditated. Hietaranta folded and ElkY made a point of showing the rest of the table his A♦A♣. Heaven help them if Grospellier is going to be getting cards to match his formidable talent today. — HS

2.05pm: A long day ahead
The draw for the button placed it in seat ten for the first hand, the same seat occupied on table 18 by Peter Eastgate. It was folded to Eastgate and, with a degree of predictability, he raised to 2,200. Francesco De Vivo, whose miserable task it is to be in the big blind when Eastgate is on the button, looked skyward, then at his cards, and folded. Welcome to the rest of your day, Francesco. — HS

2pm: And off we go
Here were go again – it’s day two. There are lots of things to check out before you crack on with the blow-by-blow account of the days’ play. I can offer you the seat draw, the introductory witterings, the day 1A wrap up, or the day 1B wrap up, the prize structure or a hot dog. — HS

Alternatively, here’s a picture of some chips.


PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.


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