EPT Copenhagen: The warm up act

February 17, 2009

There’s something about the appearance of Marc Karam in an EPT that reminds you that the Grand Final is fast approaching. Like a thoroughbred being raced as a prelude to a big show in the Derby, Karam’s real effort always seems to come in the season finale where he’s finished second and fourth in consecutive years for a combined €1.25 million. But it only seems like he saves his best for the Riviera as the Canadian’s records elsewhere speak volumes of his talent, with further success in the WPT and beyond.

_MG_9977_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Marc Karam

He’s not alone in knowing how it feels to be at the business end of one of Europe’s biggest poker tournaments. Two years ago Reuben Peters got a taste of that, famously beating wunderkind Annette Obrestad to the title in Dublin and more than €500K to the shock and awe of pretty much everyone on hand to watch.

_MG_9990_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Reuban Peters

All that is history now though as the two now sit side by side. But while they each pick up pots here and there it’s Sigurd Terpling staking an early claim, enforcing a pattern of re-raising all afternoon. His latest tangle came on a flop of [5S]-[10D]-[JC] and involved Daniel Thomsen who was forced to a decision, staring at the Scandinavian first from the corner of his eye and then in a desperate head tilted position in a last ditch effort to glean information. Nope. Nothing.

_MG_9982_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sigurd Terpling

Thomsen mucked before Terpling showed his pocket sixes. There was pain in the eyes of Thomsen who resisted the needling from Carter Gill as to what he’d had, and moved onto the next hand in search of peace…


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