Updates from day 1b, levels seven and eight of EPT Deauville, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Level nine: 500-1000 (100 ante)

11.35pm: Play over
Play has ended for the night and the board shows that 225 players made it through the day. That’s usually a little on the generous side, so let’s say 220.

We’re busy chasing after chip counts now in order to determine a leader. Those details, plus a full wrap, will follow soon.

11.20pm: Another nice river for Ludo
Ludovic Lacay has busted another player in a blind battle to amass a not too shabby stack of 176,000. The turn had just been dealt so the board read 3♦10♦7♣K♠ look. The small blind player checked to Lacay who just picked up a big stack of blue 10,000 denomination chips and put them in the middle to cover his opponent. The small blind snap-called all in and they were at showdown.

Lacay tabled A♠10♣ for second pair. The small blind tabled K♦10♠ for two-pair that had got there on the turn. The river changed all that though when it came A♣ to see the Frenchman win the hand.

11.10pm: Eager Beevers
Joe Beevers gets some welcome chips, but is still short. On a 2♦Q♣5♦3♣K♠ board he bets 5,500 and gets a call from John Eames. Beevers has 5♣5♥ and the set is good. He’s up to 32,000 now.

11pm: Ragot out
Nicolas Ragot was all in with J-J against Joannn Lenne’s K-8 but the board was K-9-9-3-2, and that was that.

10.55pm: Set sees off Sarwer
Jeff Sarwer is out. With a pre-flop bet of 2,000 three players saw a flop of 2♣4♣Q♥. Jad Khaddage checked in the button and Jorma Vuoksenmaa under the gun made it 7,000 and Sarwer moved all-in for around 47,000. Khaddage then moved in himself, covering Sarwer. Jorma Vuoksenmaa folded and Sarwer showed K♣J♣ for a flush draw, not counting on Khaddage showing 4♠4♥. The turn 3♦ and river 10♦ put an end to Sarwer’s Normandy invasion.

“I didn’t count on running into a set there,” said Sarwer, shaking hands on his way to the rail. “Oh boy.”

10.45pm: One more to go
Players are filtering back in to the room as the last level on the night is about to commence. Here’s a pick of current front-runner Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano.


Luca Pagano


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