EPT Deauville: Day 3, level 18 live updates

January 23, 2010


4.35pm: Portal power
French actress turned poker player Alexia Portal just added two rounds of blinds an antes after moving in twice. A few tables along Mats Edlund moved all-in on a flop of 10♥J♣6♥. Reading that last sentence back you would have got to the word “few” after Boson announced call. He wasted no time calling and showing J♥K♥ for a flush draw. Edlund showed Q♥Q♦. The turn missed Bosen, a 6♣, but hit Bosen on the river, 8♥. Edlund out.

4.25pm: Another man — Michael Benhammouda — down
Andrew Teng opened from the button, making it 18,000 to go. Michael Benhammouda moved all in from the big blind and Teng asked for a count. The dealer told him it was 93,000 even and Teng called, showing A♦8♦. He was in pretty good shape against Benhammouda’s 2♥2♦.

The flop put Benhammouda way behind: Q♠A♣6♣ and the 10♦10♣ on turn and river were no help to the all in player. Benhammouda busts, Teng up to about 400,000.

4.20pm: Taieb scrutinises Cohen
Robert Cohen raised to 30,000 and Alain Taieb made it 100,000 straight, one seat to his left. Cohen called and the flop came K♦3♠9♦ although Taieb didn’t see it. He propped his chin on his hand and stared at Cohen until Le Dangereux checked. Taieb then glanced at the board and checked behind. The turn was the 5♥ and Cohen, under intense personal scrutiny, checke. Taieb glanced and checked behind. The river was 2♣ and they went through the motions one more time. After Taieb had checked this time, he showed Q♥Q♠ and Cohen showed his pocket tens as he mucked.

4.25pm: ElkY goes large
Team PokerStars Pro ElkY is on more than 700,000. We did not see the hand, but our spies tell us he knocked out his opponent with Q-Q against 9-9.

4.20pm: Double for Malle
Hamed Sedini kicked this one off with an opening bet of 40,000. It’s folded around to Jean Claude Malle who announces all-in for 79,500. Sedini seemed to like that – until up popped Martin Kabrhel with a re-re-raise all-in of his own. He had them all covered.

“Oh no,” cried Sedini, before adding a word or two that cannot be published on a family poker blog. Sedini thought before making a reluctant fold.

Malle: J♣J♥
Kabrhel: A♥J♦

The board ran a jacks-friendly K♣8♣10♠3♦K♥, and Malle got the double up, plus Sedini’s 40,000.

4.15pm: Sedini strips Judet to the bone
Harned Sedini is the latest player to double up, crippling Antoanell Judet in the process. Stephane Albertini started things off, raising to 19,500 from under-the-gun and Sedini shoved from the button. Before those chips were even counted, Judet shoved from the small blind and now Albertini got his count.

“This is 133,500,” said the dealer, pointing at Judet’s stack. “And this is 83,000,” he said, pointing at Sedini’s. Either way, it was too much for Albertini, who let it go.

So, this one was between Judet, who showed A♦K♦ and Sedini, who showed J♥J♣. Sedini was at risk, and he let out a whimper akin to a puppy being prised from its mother’s teat when the flop came 5♠Q♦3♣.

The turn brought hope in the form of a 2♣, and Sedini’s eyebrows lifted in anticipation, like a puppy’s as the draw of treats is slid open in the kitchen.

The 6♣, filling the flush, gave the pot to Sedini, and that prompted unadulterated gleeful yelping, like a puppy wrestling its owner in the long dry grass of a meadow in summer. There was barely a growl from the downcast Judet, whose face looked as though his favourite bone had been tossed into the sea, way out of reach.

4.05pm: More outs
Patrice Verdier is out, having moved all-in with A♠8♦. Mats Edlund had called with {ac]K♠ and was quite happy with the J♠10♦6♥9♠10♠ board.

Elsewhere Franck Kalfon was all-in, waiting for Luca Moschitta to make a decision. Moschitta, a SuperNova Elite, was in the tank for some time before he emerged, resigned and in mood to call. He showed Q♦10♥ to Kalfon’s K♠K♦. Moschitta was covered and out after the first card, the board running K♥3♣8♥9♦3♠

4pm: Another warning
This time it’s Alain Taieb who gets a tap on the shoulder from Thomas Kremser. He’s told to keep his antics down after drawing complaints from the table. Things like this don’t help: He doubles through Jinfeng Huo when he hit a flush on the turn to beat her kings, then gives her a huge rubdown, much to the annoyance of his neighbours.

3.55pm: Lacay loses a big one
There’s 120,000 in the pot already, and on a 6♥4♣10♥7♥ board Eric Sagne bets 45,000 – called by Lacay. On the J♦ river, Lacay checks and Sagne moves all in for his last 156,000. That sends an anguished Lacay into the tank for a good five minutes before he folded 5♦6♦ in disgust. Lacay is down to 250,000 now.

3.50pm: Nasty way to go
Koen De Bakker is out in cruel circumstances. He got all in with K♦K♥ and was delighted to get a call from Dragan Jovanovic with the dominated K♠J♥. The board ran J♦10♦10♣9♣J♣ and Bakker was rivered. Jovanovic adds 40,000 more to his stack.

3.45pm: Sure he’s telling the truth
As we wander by Dario Minieri’s table he is raking in another pot. “OK, no more bluffing today. I keep telling myself no more bluffing,” he tells his non-believing table.

3.42pm: Cruel Bruel
On an A♠Q♦10♣ flop, Patrick Bruel bets 20,000. Christophe Lachave has only around 35,000 behind, so it’s all in or fold. He thinks, he agonises, he thinks some more, he folds. Bruel grins from ear to ear – a sign, maybe, that he was “at it”.

3.40pm: Chips
It’s about 20 minutes into level 18, which is right about the time we get the chip counts from the end of level 17. They’re on the chip count page, full and official (and 20 minutes out of date, but that’s not bad at all).


3.35pm: ElkY v Eastgate
A flop of K♠7♥10♠ and one of those heads up hands featuring a cast to get anyone’s attention. Bertrand Grospellier checked to Eastgate who made it 22,000 from the cut off. ElkY, on his immediate right, called for a turn card 10♠. Both checked for a 3♥ on the river. Now Grospellier threw out 55,000. Eastgate tanked for several minutes before folding.

3.25pm: To the river
Peter Bosen opened for 18,000 which was re-raised by Eric Sagne on the button. Bosen called and they saw a flop of 3♥J♠2♣. Bosen checked as did Sagne. The turn came 5♠ and again Bosen checked. Sagne made it 40,000 to go which Bosen called and on they went to the river card 7♦. Bosen checked again and his interest got no greater when Sagne moved all-in. A quick fold, sending the chips to Sagne.

3.15pm: Break over
Fifteen minutes fly by when you’re having fun. Unfortunately, we’ve not had fun during the break – we’ve been setting up this post, closing off the last one and updating chips counts. All for your continued pleasure. Talking of which, here’s a photo of Alexia Portal…


Alexia Portal

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young


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