EPT Deauville: Final table, level 28 live updates

January 25, 2010


3pm: Level over
That was the last meaningful action for the level and we’ll now take a break. It’s scheduled to last 15 minutes, but to be honest it could be anything up to an hour.

2.50pm: Threesome
For what seems to be the first time in this final, three players see a flop. Teodor Caraba raised to 170,000 and attracted both the blinds: Stephane Albertini flatted from the small blind and Mike McDonald came along from the large.

The flop came 4♠7♠2♥ and after Albertini and McDonald both checked, Caraba bet 300,000. Albertini looked like he was going through the Hollywood motions of a man slow-playing a monster – the call pre-flop, the check, the delay – but the press-room commentators were again shown up to be the imbeciles that they are when Albertini folded, as did McDonald, and Caraba took the pot.

2.45pm: All in, call! – Michael Fratty out in seventh, winning €92,000
After a tense period of pressure on the short stacks, something had to give. So it did, and it was Michael Fratty, who shoved all in for 1,240,000 and might have hoped to have been in good shape with A♥Q♦. He wasn’t. Jake Cody was lying in wait with K♦K♥ and despite bellows from the partisan rail for an ace, there was none forthcoming. The board ran 10♥7♣Q♠J♣9♦ and we’re a Frenchman down.

_MG_2780_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Michael Fratty reads it and weeps

Cody is close to 6.5 million and closing in on Teodor Caraba’s lead.

2.40pm: Secara breathes again
Chronically low and facing a now or never decision, Claudiu Secara found and ace and lumped it in. It was 325,000 in total and Mike McDonald fulfilled his duty and called, showing 7♦5♦. Secara had A♥6♠ and found an ace on the 9♠7♣A♠ flop. McDonald needed another seven or five to bust Secara but the Romanian dodged both, doubling “up” to 765,000. McDonald “down” to 3,300,000.

_MG_2765_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Claudiu Secara doubles up

2.35pm: Slowdown
It’s a slow period of play here, where Stephane Albertini just moved all in and got no takers, while the other two short stacks are each hoping the others bust first.

Just to keep you informed, the chat in the press room is currently centred on the 50th anniversary of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Best of luck all you Bubble Wrap afficionados. Happy popping.

2.25pm: Richer and poorer
A definite division is now appearing in the chip counts between the have and have nots. In the David Beckham/Brad Pitt/Warren Buffett/Goldman Sachs/billionaire category are only Teodor Caraba, Jake Cody and Mike McDonald, who can afford to raise and then fold. All of Craig Bergeron, Michael Fratty, Stephane Albertini and Claudiu Secara (in particular) are on the ropes.

2.15pm: Albertini doubles through Bergeron
It was folded to Craig Bergeron in the small blind, with Stephane Albertini’s micro-stack in the big. Bergeron raised to 300,000, encouraging the all in from Albertini, and it duly arrived: the Corsican shoved and Bergeron called. On their backs:

Bergeron: Q♣3♣
Albertini: A♦4♥

The flop brought something for everyone. It came ace high, but with two clubs on it, which meant Albertini had hit his ace but Bergeron had a flush draw. Lucky for Albertini, less so for Bergeron, there were no more clubs and we have a double up.

2.10pm: Secara surrenders to Cody
Jake Cody attacked Claudiu Secara’s big blind, raising to 175,000 from under-the-gun. Secara called for what amounted to about a third of his stack but check folded the Q♠Q♣K♠ flop when Cody bet 195,000 at it.

2.05pm: A thousand words
Here’s what you’re seeing if you’re sitting in the bleechers in Casino Barriere.

_MG_2577_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Final table action, Deauville

2pm: Secara double up leave Albertini on the ropes
Claudiu Secara’s all in of 375,000 only amounted to about four big blinds and Stephane Albertini probably would have called it even with less than the A♣J♣ he found. Secara had 6♥6♦ but was soon stacking more than 800,000 when the board came Q♠4♦2♥K♦8♣. Albertini is now the man at risk.

1.55pm: Cody v Caraba
It might sound like a light-welterweight bout between a Puerto Rican hot-shot and an American show-pony, but this scrap is between the a kid from Rochdale and a Romanian, who are also the two biggest stacks at the EPT final table in Deauville. On this particular occasion it didn’t amount to much: Cody raised to 175,000 pre-flop and Caraba called. The flop was 4♥K♠Q♥ and both checked. The turn was 2♦ and Caraba check-folded when Cody bet 225,000.

1.50pm: McDonald re-raises
Happily for sadists, the action has not let up despite the break. Mike McDonald might have spent much of the time away from the table chatting with Craig Bergeron but he’s not taking it easy on his new buddy. Bergeron opened to 185,000, McDonald three-bet over the top, and Bergeron folded.

_MG_2694_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Mike McDonald

1.45pm: Caraba attacks Fratty
After an extended break, we’re back to the table – and back to the aggressive action. Michael Fratty was again the most eager to get his chips in the pot, raising to 185,000 on the first hand. But Teodor Caraba, to his left, quickly re-raised to 600,000 and Fratty tank-folded.

1.35pm: We’re back
The seven players are returning from their break. This is level 28, and blinds are 40,000-80,000 with a 5,000 ante.

Teodor Caraba from Romania is still winning this by some way with more than nine million, followed by Jake Cody with 509,000. The short stack is Claudiu Secara with slightly less than 800,000.

The full, official chips are here:

[chipcount 40]

And as well as the €847,000 first prize, this is the silverware they are also playing for…


PokerStars Blog reporting team: Marc Convey, Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young


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