EPT Deauville: Final table, level 31 live updates

January 25, 2010


8pm: Dinner time
That’s the end of the level as players take a one hour dinner break. They’ll each be required to eat different meals from the buffet so that if one gets food poisoning the other two will be able to play to a finish.

Teodor Caraba — 10,090,000
Jake Cody — 8,320,000
Mike McDonald — 4,130,000

Play resumes at 9pm.

7.59pm: Huge hand extends Caraba’s advantage
The pot was un-raised pre-flop and off to the flop we went: J♠5♥2♥. Cody checked and Caraba made it 200,000 which Cody called. The turn came 8♦. Cody checked again and Caraba made it 500,000 to play which Cody called for a river card 2♦. Another check from Cody. Caraba now put five towers of red together and then a little more, a bet totalling 2,240,000.

Cody leant forward to confirm the amount and thought for several minutes, amassing the call in front of him then pausing to reflect. Finally, he called. In the excitement the TV cameras didn’t show the winning hands but Caraba’s jack was better than Cody’s jack. The pot, worth 6,260,000 went to Caraba.

7.48pm: Tick tick
A spell of what you’d call tentative play. Few hands reaching a flop, just pre-flop action settled with minimal fuss. At the end of this level, in about 12 minutes times, they’ll be a one hour dinner break.

7.35pm: Bet raise fold
Teodor Caraba opened for 360,000. Cody took some towers from his stack and three-bet, 1,000,000 chips in total. Caraba took a moment but soon folded.

7.25pm: Cody takes chip lead
Jake Cody takes the chip lead for the first time in the final, moving over 8million. On a 10♣3♠5♠ flop, he bet 480,000, Caraba re-raised to 1.2million, but was then forced to fold when Cody moved all in.

7.20pm: More woes for McDonald
For the first time three-handed Mike McDonald managed to raise without being three-betted out of the pot, but that was all that went right for him. His 350,000 raise from the small blind was called by Jake Cody in the big blind to see a 3♥7♥10♠ flop. McDonald led for 480,000 and was called by Cody. The 9♠ turn came and McDonald slowed to a check.

Cody took up the initiative and bet 1,020,000 which was enough to force McDonald to fold. He’s really not having it his way at all at the moment.

7.15pm: Stat attack…
We’ve played 140 hands so far on the final table.

7.10pm: Busy Caraba
Caraba is by far the most active of the players now they are three-handed. It’s as though he had this strategy planned all along. On this one, Jake Cody raised to 400,000 and Teodor Caraba re-raised to 1,200,000. Cody got out of the way.

7.06pm: All-in, fold
Teodor Caraba raised to 480,000 from the small blind and Mike McDonald re-raised to 1,100,000 from the big. It was 620,000 more for Caraba, who then asked McDonald how much he had behind. It was a lot. Caraba moved all in, McDonald mucked, and Caraba is the first player to move above the 10million mark.

7.02pm: I see no flops
All the action is happening pre-flop at the moment. Teodor Caraba bet 380,000 and Jake Cody re-raised to 920,000 – and that was enough to take the pot.

Before that, Mike McDonald opened for 350,000 and Caraba re-raised to 1,200,000 and the Canadian folded.


Mike McDonald

6.55pm: Caraba takes this one
Teodor Caraba bet 380,000 and Jake Cody called. The flop was 7♦A♣J♣, Cody checked and Caraba reached for a pile of red, 20,000 chips – 480,000 in total. Cody did not want to play, and folded.

Mike McDonald is the quietest of the three in these early level 31 skirmishes.

6.47pm: First pot to Cody
First hand of the level, and Jake Cody’s aggression takes the pot. Mike McDonald made it 350,000 but then was forced to fold when Cody fired back with 820,000.

6.45pm: Ready to go
We’re down to three, and we’re now in big money territory. All are guaranteed €295,000, second will get €516,000 and first €847,000.

As the players settle back in to their seats, here’s how they stand:

Teodor Caraba: 9,070,000
Mike McDonald: 7,360,000
Jake Cody: 6,110,000


Teodor Caraba

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Stephen Bartley and Simon Young


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