EPT Deauville: Incomprehensible

January 20, 2009

Jean Pierre Gleize was shouting something, but to anyone who has since jettisoned their high school French it was just bluster. But the local railbirds were laughing, clued in to Gleize’s good natured frustration at a player at his table. “He says the player is very very very lucky” explained one native. It’s usually something like that.

One of the trickier tables in these first levels is that of Benny Spindler’s. The third place PCA man had Juha Helppi and Robert Cohen at his table but couldn’t stretch his day into the third level, busting with A-K. Spindler found an ace on the flop to make top pair but his opponent had the other two for top set – Deauville proving to be no Paradise for the German.

We’ve played two levels and we’ve even had the first break of the day. Level three starts with blinds at 75-150.


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