83 players remain going into the eighth and last level of the day. One player quite happy to be here at the end of the day is Malte Strothmann, not least because earlier today the 19 year old from near Frankfurt was close to the door.


“I folded over pairs twice, which was heartbreaking even though they turned out to be good folds. But I’m really enjoying it here, playing with a lot of the German players I know. Even if I get knocked out I’d enjoy watching.

That was some time ago. Now, with an hour to go, his spirits are even higher.

“I had kings and the board came A-A-K-Q-Q. I folded my kings thinking he probably had an ace. But he had pocket aces so I was really pleased with the fold. It seems folding earlier today was a good thing! I’m up to 16-17k now. It would be nice to come back tomorrow.”

Tournament update –

One of those still playing today is Dustin Mele, also known as the PokerStars passport winner at his first event of his ten stop tour of the world…


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