Whilst 132 German players made the trip to Dortmund for their home EPT one man’s journey here involved 16,000 miles across desert, ice capped mountains, oceans, more mountains and immigration control – albeit by plane. Kara Scott talked to Australian Kristoffer Myhre…

Into level seven and 117 players remain. The boys (and girl) most likely have continued at pace – Daniel Negreanu, Annette Obrestad and Arnaud Mattern are still here, as is Marcel Luske who not long ago doubled up through ElkY to give his stack some moral and physical support.

There are other notables – Brandon Schaeffer, the sometime forgotten tear-away of the EPTs first year, is putting in a typical bullish performance, minding his own business, nodding his head to the music in his headphones (the Proclaimers?), and using his 35k the way he does best.


Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken

Noah Boeken, another Team PokerStars Pro, has also had a quiet day – quiet compared to the high profile hands of Luske and Negreanu. Leaning back in his chair wearing a leopard skin print lined hoodie, Noah is on a slightly less wholesome 8k.

We started the day with the news that Ram Vaswani had doubled up almost immediately and later had found quads to add more muscle to his campaign. That was then. With the same hardcore madness he can slip that momentum in reverse just as fast. As he said in his interview earlier, you can never predict what will happen by then end of the day. So who would predict this – that Ram would lose his stack on a bluff and be on the rail in level 7?

Photos &copy Neil Stoddart


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