The End: Tony Holden

by Simon Young

Tony Holden has written many successful books, most notably his poker journey, Big Deal, but he failed to have the last word today. Arriving with just 17,000 chips, he started to gain hope, approaching 30,000 at one stage, but then slid backwards and is now out.

“I was very low and had been fed up with getting cards like 7-2. I said to myself all I needed was a face card, and when K-2 suited was served up, I pushed. I was hoping both would be live cards – but my opponent had A-K. Typical, but there we go.” And there the Brit, representing PokerStars, went. A good run, though.

The remaining 64 players are now on a 15 minute break, trying to squeeze through the crowd that has gathered to witness this, Germany’s biggest poker tournament. Survivors include Thang Duc Ngyuen, Sebastian Ruthenberg, now on a huge 340,000, David Tavernier, Pablo Rua and Horishi Shimamura, who has moved quietly on to a menacing 104,000.

Bubble time (49th place) is approaching fast, the time when some dreams are realised, and some hearts are broken.

Thang Duc Nguyen, Marcus Golser and Michael Greco


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