It was the best of days, it was the worst of days. For some the highs of looking ahead to a third day, whilst for others a night spent thinking of a hand misplayed or the hand the other guy shouldn’t have played, but did, and did well, awaits.

Two Team PokerStars players had made it this far. Katja Thater, who had battled through day 1a would make a run on the money, trailing Daniel Negreanu who was healthier chip wise but whose day two campaign received a minor set back when he forgot to wake up – for the second day. But it made for great footage as he skipped past tables to reach his seat.


Daniel Negreanu

Still, he had 60k, more than Katja, and the possibility of a Triple Crown winner of EPT, WPT and WSOP titles was distant yes, but still alive. But not for long. A jubilant Markus Tandler eliminated Daniel. Markus’ scream of joy and quick apology was audibly one of the high notes of the day.

Hope for Team PokerStars came from a different corner, with Flying Dutchman Marcel Luske ending the day in fine form, on a song and 123,000.

Typically a number of PokerStars qualifiers put in fine performances. Jan Heitman is top of the group on 200,400 whilst Christopher Rossiter is further behind on 129,500. Further back American Christian Harder is on 101,900 and Tyler Friederich is on 91,600.

The day was started in fine spirit, most notably by Passport winner Dustin Mele who had enough wish fulfillment on his face to keep everyone cheery. An early candidate for most optimist player of the tour Dustin knew he was up against it, returning today with just 4,600 but gave it his best regardless determined to enjoy himself and gaining priceless experience of EPT action in the process as he plans where he PokerStars passport will take him next.

We also caught up with PCA 8th place finisher Ricky Fohrenbach. The Connecticut man also had reason to enjoy himself even on a tough table that featured the likes of Annette Obrestad and Nicolas Levi (both of whom were eliminated as the day progressed). He had above average chips and a worthy plan B – this being his first trip to Europe, he and a few friends had Amsterdam in mind had the cards not gone his way. They did fior a while, but the Amsterdam plan was already in action by the close of play.

As day 2 in Dortmund finishes the final of the WPT Borgata Classic will soon begin on the East coast in Atlantic City. The significance? A certain Gavin Griffin; an EPT and WSOP bracelet winner who stands ready to add a WPT title becoming in the process the first player to win that Triple Crown of titles. It’s a tall order but we’ll find out tomorrow whether or not he becomes the first member of an exclusive club of one.


Marcel Luske

Finally, in amongst news of risers and fallers, we finished the day with Marcel Luske and a demonstration of chip accumulation as players and railbirds alike watched on in quiet awe. Stephen Wrengler was the bubble boy; Thor Hansen marking the finishing line of an action packed day of poker goingout in 33rd.

Chip leader at the start of the day Chabot Cyrille, finished 21st in chips with 74,700 whilst a new chip leader emerged front and centre in the form of Diego Perez Marco of Spain on 361,600, nearly 30k ahead of Canadian Mike McDonald.


We start again at 3pm tomorrow local time, with the addition of the EPT Live teams bringing coverage of day 3 in five languages. And for anyone wanting to catch up with the latest from today, including video blogs…

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Closing stages of day 2

With 32 players left the chip counts and standing look like this…

Diego Perez Marco — Spain — 361,600
Michael McDonald — Canada — 335,700
Claudio Rinaldi — Switzerland — 278,700
Marco Liesy — Germany — 278,200
Johannes Strassmann — Germany — 276,400
Aniol Alcaraz — Spain — 216,200
Brandon Schaefer — USA — 202,300
Andreas Gülünay — Germany — 201,100
Jan Heitmann — Germany — PokerStars sponsored player — 200,400
Manfred Hammer — Germany — 135,300
Christopher Rossiter — UK — PokerStars qualifier — 129,500
Thibaut Durand — France — 123,200
Marcel Luske — Netherlands — PokerStars sponsored player — 123,000
Peyman Mohammadzadeh — Germany — 114,800
Manfred Bass — Germany — 114,400
Daniel Ryan — USA — 110,400
Daniel Carter — UK — 105,900
Christian Harder — USA — PokerStars qualifier — 101,900
Alexandar Milanov — Bulgaria — 96,300
Tyler Friederich — USA — PokerStars qualifier — 91,600
Chabot Cyrille — France — 74,700
Hugo Marialva Felix — Portugal — 63,000
Marcel Cesarz — Germany — PokerStars qualifier — 59,300
Steve Jelinek — UK — PokerStars qualifier — 57,700

Jioí Kulhánek — Czech Republic — PokerStars qualifier — 53,600
Bernhard Damnik — Germany — PokerStars qualifier — 44,000

Andreas Sarling — Finland — 38,400
Torsten Haase — Germany — 36,800
Syikrai Istafan — Hungary — 32,100
Mario Kühl — Germany — 27,600
Raul Paez Corral — Spain — 25,400
Sebastian Till — Germany — 16,200

For a recap from the EPT Live team, Lee Jones has the detail…


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