A split lunch and the field has joined together as one once more. Before the break though came a mammoth hand, a three way all in that left a trail of wreckage and two players on the rail.

PokerStars player George Danzer was one of them. The German pro is a stand out player. Sure, his ability stands out but it’s more his array of silk scarves that catch the eye. It’s not a standard item in the poker player’s uniform – no floral patterned hat and low slung jeans – George is a scarf and blazer man.


PokerStars player George Danzer

But its not the look he’s after, it’s the protection it offers from one of those difficult to hide tells, the throbbing neck vain that can be the end of a player in a make or break hand. Personally I like the original touch.

That said whether it helped him in this hand it’s hard to tell. –it began in earnest on a flop of 5-3-4 and a raise of 3k followed by an all-in from Marcus Tandler, followed by George calling the all-in. The original raiser, not to be outdone, also called.

It was time to see some cards. Marcus turned over pocket fours for a set, then George showed his hands, ahead with A-2 for the wheel. The original raiser, whose name was missed, was in with 5-6 – top pair and a straight draw. –it would all depend on the turn and river.

Make that the turn only…

Another three gave Marcus a full house and made the river card irrelevant. George Danzer was out, so too the man who had started it all in the first place.

Tournament update –

Daniel Negreanu has doubled up after a huge hand developed with Jens Lübbe. With betting and raising to the turn Daniel was unsure what course to take until his opponent happened to say something to him. Daniel asked him to repeat what he’d said but at the same time had made up his mind, moving all-in.

“You got me beat but I call anyway” said Lübbe. He was right. Queens for Daniel, K-J for –Lübbe and Daniel doubles up.


Ram Vaswani

Keeping his own kamikaze pace is Ram Vaswani. He just had the good fortune of finding quads. And not to be outdone Annette Obrestad has also doubled up against Anders Henriksson. Raising almost all-in save for a few green chips post-flop Anders called with a set of fours, only to be outdone by Annette’s set of nines.

For latest chip counts from day 1b click here.

Photos &copy, Neil Stoddart


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