Rising sum: Masaaki Kagawa

by Simon Young

Japan’s Masaaki Kagawa has joined his friend and fellow countryman Hiroshi Shimamura in rising through the ranks after starting today on a modest 20,000. Massaki had silently been creeping up without a fuss – and then doubled up dramatically. He found himself all in with A-10 v 7-7, and the 10 fell on the flop to send him soaring.

Not so much luck for Spanish lawyer Pablo Rua, outdrawn by fellow PokerStars qualifier Michael Muecklisch. He lost a 120,000 pot after getting all in when the turn bought a 9 to make his set – but that 9 had also given Muecklisch a flush draw, and river filled him up.

Flushed with success: Michael Muecklisch

Pablo now has to dwell over that hand over the one-hour dinner break. We are down to 54 players spread over seven tables, just six places off the cash payouts, and blinds are about to shoot up to 3,000-6,000 with 300 running ante. His countryman Jose Luis Navarro is hanging in with 30,000. Ben Grundy is steady on 60,000, and Christer Johanssen 52,000.

Meanwhile Mattias Andersson lost a huge pot on the last hand before dinner and is down – but certainly not out, on 140,000 with the room average about 83,000. After some pre-flop raising action, he ended up pushing on the turn of 9 after a J-8-3 flop. Unfortunately for the Swede, his opponent was sitting on J-J all along for the set, and river could change nothing.

Those we have lost include French doctor David Tavernier and Austrian Marcus Golser.


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