Fighting back: Johnny Lodden

by Simon Young

As predicted, after a tight period up to the bubble there appears to have been a head-long rush to the exit – or the bar, at least. We are now down to 38 players, meaning we lost ten in just half an hour.

Those we have lost since the money kicked in include Sverre Sundbo of Norway, PokerStars Spanish qualifiers Pablo Rua and Jose-Luis Navarro, and Jim Kerrigan.

Navarro was particularly unlucky. England’s Ben Grundy moved all in with just 7-5 off suit, called by the Spaniard with A-10. Flop had both the ace and a 5, the turn was a blank but the river was a 7, crippling Navarro, and Grundy spinning upwards. With just a few chips left, the Spaniard was out soon after.

We have a host of big stacks, but no one is racing away with the lead. The blinds have just gone up to 5,000-10,000 with 1,000 ante, and those fighting for the top include Johnny Lodden, the Norwegian who started the day as chip leader, then fell away again. He has 270,000.

Other big stacks: Andreas Hagen, Norway, 230,000, Dirk Specht 269,000, Philip Yeh from Sweden on 280,000.

For a full list of the prize payouts – and who has so far cashed – click HERE.


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