There was something about the moat theme at the beginning of the day – good for making this an isolated poker world, bad for making you feel trapped when your time came to exit. It’s not a moat as such that surrounds the Casino Hohensyburg, it’s more that the terrain is the type to cut short any escape by foot – although today 128 players may have wanted to try.

The dealers stopped, Thomas Kremser called for five more hands and day 1a was over. Of the 198 players who arrived here ready for action 70 of them conquered. For the rest, the short walk to the rail was just the first stage of the mourning period.

As we discovered today good fortune can strike when you least expect it, and its evil twin can cut short any chances you had of glory and celebration. Some play with these facts in mind, whilst others play like it doesn’t matter at all.

PokerStars qualifier Malte Strothmann was somewhere in between. Determined to enjoy his EPT experience regardless the 19 year old played his best and came out well at the end of it. He will be back on Thursday for day 2.


Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater

Katja Thater was one of just two Team PokerStars Pros lined up to play day 1a. She shared a table with fellow Pro Dario Minieri, but whilst Katja thrived Dario was hit hard early and was soon heading for the door.

We also heard of winning strategies music wise and of poker’s most inform player Julian Thew and whilst the early hours of Wednesday morning send players back to hotels for rest a new flight will arrive in just 12 hours time.

For anyone wanting to catch up on today’s events…

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Finishing line in sight

Chips are being counted and bagged with a full list of how things stand available before the start of play tomorrow – day 1b.


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