EPT London: A couple smiles, a couple tears

October 02, 2005

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Stewart Brown, from homegame to the big game

Stewart “stoogster: Brown looks right pensive, doesn’t he? Almost as if he were sitting right at home, or at the very least, a homegame.

It stands to reason. Brown found his seat here by way of a homegame in Scotland. PokerStars and Inside Edge magazine sponsored a series of homegames all over the United Kingdom. Brown, a solicitor (read: lawyer) from Scotland, won his homegame then went on to face the chammpions of the six other home games.

Brown won that match, as well.

Now, the homegame hero is sitting pretty. At last report, Brown had around 42,000 in chips and was holding strong. It begs the question: Who would you trust more: a poker player or a lawyer?

I’m not sure of the answer, but I think it is best we keep an eye on that guy.

Pondering assault

“You think they would kick me out of here if I hit him?”

Kathy Liebert, though smiling, seemed as if she might be serious. I couldn’t tell exactly what brought on the potential violence, but I wasn’t going to test the waters.

“You think I’d be barred from here permanently or temporarily?”

I suggested it would likely only be temporary. I’ve seen more violence in the bar area than Kathy seemed capable of, so I thought she’d be fine.

Then she got really violent. Well, sort of. She funneled her aggession into the chips. I turned my back for a moment and she knocked a guy off her table. Figuratively, of course.

I grabbed my camera.

“Get me while I’m still smiling,” she said.

Kathy Liebert: “Get me while I’m still smiling

San Jose online meets London live

Rhea “rhea-n-lana” Clevenger isn’t so bad at her online game. She’s good enough anyway to have won an EPT seat to the event here in London. When she got here, she soon discovered, London ain’t her San Jose home. But instead of shirking from the pressure, she embraced it, shaking off the stage fright, taking a nice pot of Noah “Exclusive” Boeken, and making it to the feature table.

I may not have mentioned this was her first live tournament.

Rhea Clevenger at the feature table

As one of the few remaining women left in the field, she became a crowd favorite. Sometimes that can be a curse. Moments after I snapped the picture above, her pocket sevens ran into pocket queens. It seemed fate would smile on her. A seven fell on the flop. Then, as wicked as it is, fate turned her back and dropped a queen on board to send Rhea to the rail.

So, now it’s back to San Jose. But, oh, the stories she can tell.


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