EPT London: A few photos

October 03, 2005

We’re still 45 minutes out from the beginning of the final table. Here are your seating assignments and approximate chip counts. Below you’ll find a few pictures from the day. The post immediately below this one will show you how we reached the final table.

1. Noah Jefferson (USA) 350K
2. Jonas Helness (Norway) 700K
3. Paul King (England) 160K
4. Mark Teltsher (England)700K
5. Graham Clarkson (Scotland)175K
6. Kirill Gerasimov (Russia) 58K
7. Istvan Novak (Hungary) 100K
8. Dale Greenleaf (England) 160K

Kirill Gerasimov, shortstacked but at the final table

Daniel Burke, PokerStars qualifier, 13th place

Jonas Helness, sharing the chip lead at the final table

Tony Bloom, crushed by a sad beat, finished in 11th place

Noah Jefferson, American tournament player, in Ireland for a wedding, popped over for the tournament and now at the final table

Mark Teltsher, secretive Londoner who now shares the chip lead at the final table


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