EPT London: Bullet-point bulletin – No2

October 01, 2008

As alternates still buzz around the building, including the likes of Erica Schoenberg and David Benyamine, both of whom are on the waiting list for a seat, the early chip leader seems to be the former EPT champion Mark Teltscher, who already seems to have doubled to 20,000 which probably also accounted for our first departure. There’ll be one of those alternates now in that seat, so we can’t even tell who it was.

But here’s some more information:

  • There’s an early table of death contender in the bar area. In a row, we have: Alexandre Gomes, Isaac Haxton, John Kabbaj and Chris Ferguson.
  • Haxon also wins quote of the level: “We’re going to have fun!” he says, as his pre-flop bet to 300 is bumped up to 1,500 by the player in the big blind. “But not yet,” he continues, and folds.
  • Local table: Again all in one line are Vic regulars Nick Gibson, Tony Cascarino and Teltscher.
  • Double Deeb: Both Freddy and Shaun Deeb are in the building and in the day 1a field. The seasoned veteran and the internet sensation are not related, despite what you might read elsewhere. Or here.
  • Familiar faces from EPT battles past: Previous winners Pascal Perrault (Vienna, season one); Patrik Antonius (Baden, season two); Gavin Griffin (Monte Carlo, season two); Jason Mercier (San Remo, season four); Joseph Mouawad (London, season four).
  • And others: Joe Alpayaa, Annette Obrestad, Phidias Georgiou.

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