EPT London: Day 1a, Level 6

October 02, 2009


Live updates from day 1A, level six of the EPT London Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 200-400/50


Players are now on a 75-minute dinner break.

6:42pm–Is it loud in here?

We were very good boys last night. Tucked in bed as early as we could get there, and all that. But, while we were resting, here’s what happened at last night’s party.

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6.40pm: He’s a luck sack

Spotting Kevin MacPhee with one of the larger stacks in the room prompted me to investigate in to how this came about. So I crouched alongside him as he told me the story of how he won a 135,000 pot. He saw a 8♥7♥-7 flop whilst holding A-7 and all the chips went it and he saw his opponent held the heavily drawing 6♥5♥ for an open-ended straight flush draw. The straight and flush were taken out of the equation when MacPhee boated-up on turn when an eight fell and he managed to avoid the straight flush on river to win the monster pot.

6:24pm: Takes a licking

Mike “Timex” McDonald barely moved as he put out 2,700 on a board of J♥K♠2♣7♠. His opponent struggled to find a call, but eventually did. The 9♥ on the turn drew another check to McDonald. He looked pained. It was clear he wanted to give his opponent a nice seat on the train to value town (choo-chooooooo!). Instead, he checked behind with his K♣10♣ and piled up his chips. He’s currently sitting on around 18K.

6.18pm: Not a Goodwin
EPT Barcelona runner-up Marc Goodwin has been eliminated in unfortunate circumstances, You would think getting all in with aces versus queens was a good start and you’d be correct. A great middle would be to flop an ace and that’s what happened. The end is a different matter though as by the time we got to the river there were four spades on board and Goodwin’s opponent had the all important queen of spades to make a four-flush.

6:03pm–One Time Chip comes out early

We’re not saying he used it too early, but…

Markus Gonsalves was all in and against pocket queens. He held A♦A♠, and to our unmitigated surprise, sat back and played his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip.

True to its near-supernatural power, the One Time Chip summoned the A♣ from the deck and put it out on the flop, virtually sealing the win.

We congratulate Gonslaves for his use of the chip and encourage as many of you as possible to wallow in its power. That said, it’s Day 1A. Some of you might wanna hold on to yours until we get near the bubble.

5.55pm: Ludo not so lucky this time
Ludovic Lacay has just been eliminated after running two-pair into a flush. The Frenchman raised from mid-position and was called by the button and the small blind before the flop came 7♥8♣Q♣. Ludovic’s 1,900 continuation bet was only called by the button to see the 5♣ turn. Lacay’s plan at this stage was to check-raise all-in with his Q♦8♦ but unfortunately for him his opponent made his flush with 6♣10♣. No full house for Lacay as the river came 10♥ and he quietly got up and left.

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